GEN NXT: Colby Breithaupt

Words: MASONRY Magazine   Photos: Colby Breithaupt   Editor’s Notes: This month we had the opportunity to talk with Colby Breithaupt of Non-Stop Scaffolding. He is an Alumni of the University of Arkansas where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Colby is proud to continue his family’s legacy at Non-Stop Scaffolding. We would like to thank Colby for taking …

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The World of Concrete 2019: MCAA Events Recap

Words: MASONRY Magazine Photos: Bruce Starrenburg  World of Concrete is the home of action-packed masonry competitions, beneficial meetings, informative classes, annual events, and an honor-filled night for the newly inducted members of the Mason Contractors Association of America’s Masonry Hall of Fame. Take a look at our recap of the events that took place during World of Concrete.   …

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Stronger Is NOT Better!

Words: Matt WolfPhotos: Matt Wolf, and Mike Tate of Graymont Lime  Editor’s note: Resiliency in masonry is something we see every day when we drive past older structures and buildings that are still standing after years of being constructed. MASONRY DESIGN columnist Matt Wolf provides his experiences while in Milan on vacation. The idea of …

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Power Tool Safety

Words: Courtesy of the MCAAPhotos: Andrej Mitin, undefined undefined Editor’s Note: Mason contractors use power tools every day in the field and using the tools properly and safely is paramount. The Mason Contractors Association of America provides crucial information and tips on safety. So brush up on your power tool technical skills and safety.   POWER SAWS  Know …

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An Executive Summary Q&A

Words: MASONRY Magazine Editor’s Note: Juan Carosso talks with us about his new book At Your Best as a Mason. In this executive summary, you will read more about this new installment of Carosso’s At Your Best series. We’d like to thank Juan for taking the time to talk with us about his book and series.  Masonry Magazine: How did this book come about?   Juan Carosso: At …

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Controlling the Wall System

Look beyond brick and mortar for opportunities to expand your bid package   Words: Jeremy Douglas  The specific application of a building’s air barrier system can be confusing. As a mason contractor, understanding the purposes of these systems and how they critically interface to adjacent materials reveals how simple they actually are. In short, you may be missing out on providing a critical component of the masonry wall system.   First, it is important …

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Business Building: 8 Steps To Become A Wealthy Contractor!

Over the last several years as a contractor business coach, I have closely observed and gotten to know many highly successful construction company owners. Via interviewing them for these articles, coaching them one-on-one, and working with them in our Construction Business Owner BIZGROUPS, several common factors have emerged as to what makes them become the …

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