Thermal Bridging Solutions

Words: Tom Bovan Photo: ArmathermTM When it comes to the energy efficiency of a building, the design of the brickwork support system is integral to minimizing heat loss. Not only does an effective structural system aid thermal efficiency, but it can also improve the design of the façade using innovative technology. For architects, one of …

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A Look At Recycled Brick

Words: Alan HerreraPhotos: Brent Schmitt Chicago Common bricks were used to build up most of the Windy City. They are the rough bricks on buildings’ sides and backs, made from the river’s clay, and when fired they transform into a beautiful variation of yellows, pinks, and reds. But most importantly, they age impressively and beautifully. …

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Maintaining Your Level

Words: Joanne M. AndersonPhotos: Keson-SOLA, Kapro Tools, rootstocks The humble level in the mason’s toolbox sets the stage for the finished project, whether it’s a 4 x 6-foot patio, 5-story brick commercial building, retaining wall, new house, or sprawling school. A level foundation provides the base from which everything else can be constructed in the …

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Finding A Work-Life Balance

Words: Vanessa Salvia Photos: BrianAJackson The popular view of someone enjoying work-life balance is a busy working mom who balances young kids, and grocery store trips then relax with a hot bath and a glass of wine. What does the picture look like for a busy physical laborer who may also be juggling kids, school, …

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The Best Footwear Options For Masons

Words: Cassandra Stern Photos: Duluth Trading Co., CAT Footwear, Iron Age, Keen Footwear, Red Wing Shoe Company, ljpat On an average workday, masons can end up spending up to eight, 10, or even 12 hours working on their feet. Lifting, bending, mixing, and climbing, not to mention carrying yourself and your tools to and from different …

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GEN NXT: Chris Labrie

Words: MASONRY Magazine Photos: Chris LaBrie Editor’s Note: In this month’s installation of our GEN NXT series, we sat down with Chris Labrie of Labrie Construction Inc. in Orlando, Florida. Chris is a young entrepreneur and brick mason who started his own mason contracting business at just 20 years old. With a grandfather and an uncle …

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