Building More: Know Before You Grow

Words: Corey Adams  One thing I have learned over the twenty years of building construction companies is that there are plenty of gurus out there that will give you partial truths. They are everywhere right now. Every other ad we see on social media is for a company trying to sell me on their marketing …

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2020 Year In Review

Words: MASONRY Magazine Photos: Alexsi, Anyaberkut, Extracker Software, IPGGutenbergUKLtd, LeslieLauren, linephoto, matspersson0, Matthew Filstead, MCAA, MoMorad,  Natnan Srisuwan, Protectiflex LLC and Enviromate Ltd, SPEC MIX, Swede Melgaard, Tekla Trimble Intro  2020 was a year unlike any other. The COVID-19 pandemic dominated mainstream media, and here at Masonry Magazine we certainly covered this topic as often as …

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The Latest Digital Applications for the Construction Industry

Words: Ashley JohnsonPhoto: artursfoto In the contractor’s world, there is no end to tools, instruments, and gadgets designed to measure, calculate, and survey any aspect or detail of a job. Traditional tools like tape measures, levels, carpenter’s squares are fixtures to the accuracy and quality of any project. Technology is spawning an entirely new area …

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Selecting Occupational Safety Gear

A comprehensive look at eye and head protection, what to look for, and what to take into consideration Words: Ashley JohnsonPhotos: Radians Construction work environments pose significant occupational hazards that can limit construction time or delay a project. Having the right safety equipment is critical to maximizing efficiency, eliminating liabilities, and ensuring a successful outcome …

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