World of Concrete 2019

World of Concrete 2019

Dan Kamys, Editorial Director –

I’ve learned to seriously look forward to the World of Concrete every year. Whether it be seeing the latest innovations from suppliers, witnessing the feats of skill and strength during the MASONRY MADNESS® competitions, or hearing the emotional life stories and experiences of the Masonry Hall of Fame inductees, I genuinely feel the energy of the industry 

Having been thrown headfirst into this industry for three years now, I can honestly say I have truly loved every minute. Not many people get to say they love going to work every day (it’s my hope many of our readers do), but I can. Our magazine team’s work means a lot, because the industry means a lot. But enough of my feelings about the industry, let’s get to this issue, which is one of our most important of the year.  

Obviously, this is our World of Concrete recap issue. In this issue, you’ll find everything there is to know about 2019’s events. From the MCAA meetings, to our South of 40 event at Drais After Hours, to the MASONRY MADNESS® of Wednesday, and the closing dinner and Hall of Fame induction, you’ll find it all.  

A huge congratulations to everyone involved in the events of this year. To young apprentices who won the Skills Challenge, congratulations. You were judged by the absolute best in the industry with decades upon decades of experience and came out on top. Even if you didn’t win, the sheer tenacity it took to get there and compete was impressive. Don’t stop.  

To the Fastest Trowel competitors and winners, I am amazed by what you do and admittedly incapable of doing that myself. Great work. Finally, to the SPEC MIX competition winners, thank you for putting on what I think was the best show I’ve seen since I’ve been attending the World of Concrete.  

One very special group of people I’d like to congratulate is the Hall of Fame inductees. It was truly an honor for our team to be able to interview you, to be privileged enough to hear your story, and to see the tremendous displays of love and support from family and friends at the closing dinner. While our Skills Challenge contestants represent the very early stages of a career in the trade, I like to think of our Hall of Fame representing the pinnacle of potential paths within the industry. What you have accomplished, the differences you have made in people’s lives, and the respective legacies you leave behind are impressive, to say the least.  

At the end of the day, that’s what the MCAA and magazines’ mission is all about. Uniting the trade to educate, celebrate, and demonstrate all the skill and passion involved with the trade. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll stop talking and let you take a look.  



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