Fall Protection Innovation: Malta Dynamics X500

Fall Protection Innovation: Malta Dynamics X500

Words: MASONRY Magazine
Photos: Malta Dynamics 

Safety is paramount on any jobsite, especially when working at heights. With innovations being made in the safety community often, we decided to shed some light on the newest product by Malta Dynamics for fall protection. The X500 Free-Standing Anchor mobile fall protection unit has an arm that rotates 360 degrees with an overhead anchor point. This new product is great for projects that require masons to work at heights but don’t necessarily have a place to tie off above head. We spoke with Justin Gutberlet, Territory Manager with Malta Dynamics about the specifics of this new product. 

The X500 can be beneficial for the jobsites that require masons to move from one section to another. It has a locking mechanism that locks in the user once they’ve tied their system off while allowing 30 degrees of movement. If users need to move out of that 30-degree range, they can swing the arm over to the other side by using the handle. “It’s really easy, just swing the machine around to the other side. So at one location, you get 360 degrees,” Justin explains. 

This fall protection system has simple field assembly with bolt-together components and has built-in leveling jacks that are said to be for any jobsite. The unit features forklift pockets to help with moving it from one place to another and has a multi-position boom lock to fix the arm position as needed. 

For more information on the X500 be sure to go to www.maltadyanmics.com and see whether this new product will fit your safety needs for any upcoming projects.

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