From Soup To Nuts, Or From Design Through Build

Dan Kamys, Editorial Director –

This special edition issue of MASONRY is called MASONRY x DESIGN. You could probably tell by the unique masthead, but I thought I’d remind you this is really a showcase issue. In this publication, you will see content that spans the entire design through the construction process. This content will not only circulate to the mason contracting community who usually receives MASONRY. But it will also be distributed to the architectural and design subscribers of our sister publication, MASONRY DESIGN.   

When we acquired MASONRY DESIGN magazine at the start of last year, it was always our intention to do something special that unites both of our magazines’ respective content focuses. Consider this issue the first step at doing that. By highlighting the entire design and construction process, we hope to start to create a bridge between those creating the concept for structures and the ones responsible for the successful and safe execution.   

In this issue, you will find a variety of interesting articles that will span all sides of a project. David Biggs is back with his Technical Talk. If you’re a MASONRY reader, you may know him from his Marvelous Masonry series. If you’re a MASONRY DESIGN reader, you’d probably recognize him from his technical talks. Here he is with the latest Technical Talk.     

Additionally, we have a landscape architecture article. Outdoor living is such a hot area of construction right now, and this piece will provide five tips that every mason should know. To complement this, Dean Marsico of the famous Dean and Derek who write for MASONRY magazine takes us through landscape architecture through a contractor’s eyes.     

BIM-M is also getting an update in this issue, with a piece from Jamie Davis about why mason contractors should care about the design software. Additionally, the NCMA provides us with an article on the latest version of their Direct Design software.   

Whatever your profession related to the construction industry, the entire team and I hope that you find the information contained in this special edition useful and beneficial. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback on our content!