MASONRY x DESIGN: The Whole Building Process

MASONRY x DESIGN: The Whole Building Process

Dan Kamys, Editorial Director –

Bronzella and I don’t usually both write an Editorial Note in each issue of MASONRY, but this month I wanted to introduce an exciting new edition of our magazines that you’ll see in the coming year. They’re called MASONRY x DESIGN, there will be two issues in June and September, and the best way to think about them is as a combination between a regular issue of MASONRY and a regular issue of MASONRY DESIGN.  

There are a lot of reasons it made sense to us to join the forces of the two magazines. This will truly be the first time we have architects, designers, engineers, design students, and software manufacturers contributing content for the same magazine as mason contractors, project managers, equipment suppliers, and field safety experts. Our goal is to truly show the whole process of construction all the way from inception to the finished project.  

Increasingly, what Bronzella and I have learned throughout our work on the magazines, is that there are similarities on both sides. Material selection, managing teams, utilizing the latest software and technology, and a multi-generational workforce are all challenges everyone is facing right now.  

These two special editions will distribute to the over 35,000 readers who regularly receive MASONRY and/or MASONRY DESIGN. This national distribution spans the entire masonry design and construction community. It’s a first, and we’re excited at the potential it brings to inform the overall community.  

Our first issue will be in June 2019, and our second will be in September 2019. If you’re subscribed to either MASONRY or MASONRY DESIGN, you don’t have to do anything special to receive the copies.  

We look forward to putting together these showpieces and would love to hear your suggestions in advance or feedback once the issues come out.