Let’s All Work To Make America Great

Let’s All Work To Make America Great

Dan Kamys, Editor – dkamys@staging1.masonrymagazine.com

For most of those involved with masonry, I’m sure January has proven to be a very interesting month. With the 2017 World Of Concrete, I got my second look at just how dedicated this industry is to growing and becoming even stronger than before. It was a true pleasure to meet all the new people, and put some more faces to names that I’ve heard before. The competitions were unbelievable, as was the energy that I felt throughout the convention.

But the end of last month had another development that pertains to us as well. Our country’s first real non-governmental head of state was sworn in on the heels of a campaign for the record books. The election of President Donald J. Trump is, for many, an absolute rejection of the status quo and an expression of the desire to shake things up. Whatever your political leaning happens to be, we have to do everything we can to help President Trump accomplish prosperity for this nation.

I am excited at the potential that our country’s new administration brings. With the promises of bringing jobs back, investing in the American economy, and making sure we get a fair shake in our deals, there’s a lot of hope out there right now. However, I’m not a lobbyist, and if you want some more analysis I suggest you take a look at Steve Borg’s column from our last issue for a little more detail than I can provide.

This issue is the follow-up to Masonry’s re-launch last month. Like I promised in my last column, we are going to be tackling the issues here. I’m not going to sugar coat what we have to say, and I’m most certainly not going to shy away from a topic that hasn’t been previously covered.

In this issue, two subjects I wanted to tackle are workforce development and bid shopping. While I do recommend that you read through the other articles in this month’s magazine, I highly suggest you take a look at the two I highlighted above. Whether you’re a more seasoned mason contractor or just getting started with the trade, they might provide some new insight.

My approach to this magazine is really quite simple: work, listen and adapt. That three-tiered approach is likely the same that many of you reading this take at your jobs. At the end of the day, nothing gets done without hard work. As someone who was not at all versed in this field before, I’ve had to listen to everyone providing their insight and expertise. Finally, I’ve adapted how I’ve done things to truly give you the best content that our team can produce.

Why should you care? Well, it’s simple. I feel that if our country’s new administration takes the same approach, we will truly Make America Great Again. It all starts with each and every one of us, especially everyone who is reading this note. You will actually, physically be the ones rebuilding this country with President Trump’s new projects, and that is something that is both a tremendous responsibility and something to be proud of for generations. So let’s all get to work.