November 2016: From the Editor

Karen D. Hickey

November 2016: From the Editor

Committees: Strong Commitment to the MCAA

Karen HickeyKaren D. Hickey, Editor –

Last month I wrote about the efforts of the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association to involve younger people in the masonry industry. I mentioned Brandon Hartsell, who is leading the charge in that state. Brandon was recently appointed co-chair of MCAA’s South of 40 Committee, and he’ll be working on a national level toward this effort. Congratulations to Brandon for this honor!

Besides the South of 40 Committee, there are nine other committees working toward MCAA’s long-range goals. These include:

•    Bylaws •    Certification
•    Education •    Legislative
•    Marketing •    Membership
•    Safety •    Technical
•    Workforce Development

Committees are the building blocks for associations. It’s through strong committee structures that the work of successful associations is done. Committees and their chairmen, when motivated, help the organization involve members, develop direction and achieve its long-range goals. Any effective organization, whether it is a volunteer organization, private sector, or even governmental, can accomplish great tasks through strong, vital committee structures. The Mason Contractors Association of America is no different.

MCAA’s ads read, “We are masonry. Together we are stronger.” While this is a call for membership in the association, it is also a call for active participation. The more we put into MCAA, the more we will get out of it and better our industry.

MCAA has achieved significant milestones as a direct result of active committees. When members are committed to MCAA’s mission, the committees can carry on meaningful work, and successfully so.

Volunteer for an MCAA committee today. Visit to find out more.


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