Old-World Look With a New-Age Twist

Old-World Look Natural stone

Old-World Look With a New-Age Twist


By Heidi Arpacilar

Old-World Look Natural stone

Old-World Look Natural stoneNatural stone has been a durable product used in construction for centuries. Its beauty is unquestioned, and its one-of-a-kind markings give it a sense of wealth and stature.

Marmiro Stones Inc. receives many requests from clients who want an old-world look with a new-age twist for the exterior and interior areas of their homes. Natural stone thin veneer can be used to wrap the home, make a retaining wall appear to be a work of art or give a BBQ a face-lift. The stone can be accented (or complimented) inside and used for focal walls and backsplashes.

Natural thin stone veneer is lighter in weight, faster to install, and more economical to use than traditional, full-dimension stone veneer. Natural stone thin veneer has been available for years. However, with the growing popularity of natural stone and technology, factories are able to manufacture it faster and more efficiently than ever before. The stone-cutting machinery at Marmiro factories transforms full-thickness natural stone into lightweight, green-certified, thin stone veneer from 5/8 in. to 1 1/4 in. Because each piece is lighter, the waste factor decreases and production increases, allowing greater affordability.

Old-World Look Natural stoneWith Marmiro’s line of veneer, each piece can be separately installed and colors can be blended to give the old-world look. Natural stone thin veneer can be installed quickly, often without footings or ledges, and it adheres to concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall and even metal. Marmiro’s line even has corners, giving the home a true feel of thickness from the stone. The overall result is an application that looks like an old-world, full-thickness installation.

Many clients desire the true authenticity of a natural stone, as opposed to a “man-made” cast concrete or replica. Marmiro has created a natural stone thin veneer line using all of our eight colors, various thicknesses and textures, along with custom blends without a custom cost.

The pictures in this article give you an idea of the possibilities available with Marmiro’s natural thin stone veneers.

With outdoor living areas becoming a “must-have” for many people, one can enjoy natural stone thin veneers outside and inside the home. Clients of Marmiro Stones can get a sense of true stone connection that is “Created by Nature, Crafted With Passion.”

For more information and installation guidelines, contact Marmiro Stones Inc. at www.marmiro.com.

Heidi Arpacilar is executive vice president of Marmiro Stones Inc. She can be reached at heidi@marmiro.com.


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