Building Information Modeling for Masonry Launches Website

Building Information Modeling for Masonry Launches Website

Building Information Modeling for Masonry Launches Website

By David T. Biggs and Tim O’Toole

The masonry industries of the United States and Canada are sponsoring an initiative for Building Information Modeling for Masonry (BIM-M). With the guidance of Georgia Institute of Technology, the goal is to maintain and advance the commercial masonry industry’s market share by improving project delivery methods, including BIM. The first generation BIM software for masonry is projected for 2017-2018. It will have a significant impact on the way masonry buildings are designed, constructed and maintained.

The initiative is a major undertaking of sponsors and volunteers.  With this major initiative comes the need to provide information to all.  Therefore, a newly launched web site was chosen as one of the public relations and information outreach vehicles.

Coupled with periodic press releases, BIM-M will be become known to the masonry industries in the United States and Canada.

BIM-M the Website

The primary function of the website is to transfer information on the initiative to any of the site visitors. It takes on a resume-type appearance that is easy to navigate and allows users to download information. The site development was created by Tim O’Toole of the Mason Contractors Association of America. One of Tim’s duties at MCAA is to oversee the Information Technology aspects of the organization. BIM-M is pleased to have Tim guiding them with the website.


The web site has several key features:

–Who we are and why we are tackling BIM for masonry.

–Visitors will have an opportunity to join the initiative

–The benefits to the industry including designers, suppliers, manufacturers, craftworkers, contractors, construction managers and owners are highlighted.

–The mission statement is spelled out for all to understand the goals and the vision for BIM-M.

The Building Information Modeling for Masonry Initiative (BIM-M) is identifying barriers to and strategies for the full implementation of masonry materials and systems into BIM software for the design and construction industries. The purpose of our initiative is to unify the masonry industry and all supporting industries through the development and implementation of BIM for masonry software to facilitate smoother workflows and collaboration across all disciplines from owner, architect, engineer, manufacturer, mason, contractor, construction manager, and maintenance professionals.

–The organization, committee structure and the composition of the Executive Committee that oversees the initiative are listed.

–On-going BIM-M projects are listed individually with their leaders and consultants and proposed time frames of completion.  

The most significant project completed has been the Phase I-Roadmap created by Georgia Institute of Technology under the direction of Professors Chuck Eastman and Russell Gentry. As consultants to BIM-M, Georgia Tech’s roadmap charts the path the masonry industry needs to take toward digital inclusion in the construction industry. The full Roadmap is available as a download for all visitors (

–The Resources page provides the users with a glossary of BIM terms, downloadable presentations and links to articles.

–Events and News are other key features that will be updated on a regular basis. The events will include educational opportunities and the news will include changing programs and press releases.

Still to Come!

With the first generation of BIM-M software improvements proposed for release in 2017, there is plenty of work to be done. The website will follow the activities of BIM-M and be a vehicle of information.  Social media opportunities are being explored along with additional links to related industries and organizations. Stay tuned and look to the website (

David Biggs is a Principal of Biggs Consulting Engineering in Troy, NY and the Program Coordinator for the BIM-M Initiative. (

Tim O’Toole is the Director of Marketing, Education, and Information Technology for the Mason Contractors Association of America in Algonquin, Illinois and the developer of the BIMforMasonry website. (

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