News From IMI

News From IMI

Apprentices Compete for ‘Top Trowel’ Honors at Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers’ International Apprentice Contest

A select group of talented, relative newcomers to the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) earned the distinction of top apprentices in eight trowel trades crafts at the BAC/IMI (International Masonry Institute) International Apprentice Contest, held in September at the BAC/IMI John J. Flynn International Training Center.

A total of 103 contestants competed in eight craft categories that included brick, cement, marble, plaster, PCC/restoration, stone, tile and terrazzo. BAC apprentices receive their training through Local Union training programs and the IMI.

1st place winners:

Darren Tobolt, BAC Local 40 Ohio of the Ohio Administrative District Council

Michael Sell, Sr., BAC Local 7 New York/New Jersey

Nikolajs Pastuhovs, BAC Local 1 Washington

Ray Lowden, III, BAC Local 9 Pennsylvania

Christos Katechis, BAC Local 1 New York

Daniel McInerney, BAC?????? Local 3 Massachusetts

Rey Barrios, BAC Local 3 California

Jesse Steger, BAC Local 11 of the Wisconsin Administrative District Council??

Sustainable Certification??

Developed by the IMI, the Sustainable Masonry Certification Program educates union mason contractors on the nuts and bolts of sustainability practices and their roles in the LEED certification process, making contractors a valuable part of LEED project teams.

The course addresses subcontractor responsibilities from estimating and project scope, to project management and documentation. It covers the LEED credits every mason contractor should know, plus green strategies like site use and construction-waste management. Contractors are tested to verify their abilities to fulfill LEED responsibilities.

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