Product Watch: DynaPier Crawlspace Foundation Repair


September 2008

CASE STUDY: Side Story

casesb-1Repairing home foundations with crawlspaces has always been challenging. But DynaPier offers a unique solution to contractors for dealing with settlement issues associated within the confined area of a crawlspace. DynaPier piers have attributes perfect for crawlspace work and are constructed with their limitations in mind. The system can achieve greater depth with less load associated with crawl space foundations over other systems.

The secret to the system lies in its interlocking, patented DynaPier segments. The segments are comprised of high-strength concrete pre-cast in a galvanized steel sleeve, allowing them to resist corrosion, provide superior shear strength and compressive strength. The outer casing is filled with a concrete core and cured for maximum hardness. The DynaPier segments are hydraulically driven into the ground one-at-a-time. After one segment is driven, another segment is connected to the previous segment, and the process is repeated until the foundation pier is driven down to refusal, which may be bedrock or a dense strata of subsurface material.

The foundation is then lifted, the pier is topped with a galvanized steel cap, and the foundation is secured to the foundation pier. The result is a foundation that is resistant to the swelling and contacting caused by moisture differentials; resting on bedrock, quality of soil verified upon installation; and supported by load-bearing steel and concrete.

For more information, contact Ty Stricklin at 832-256-0480, or



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