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November 2012
Full Contact Project Management

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Football, Family, Friends and Fundamentals

November 2012 is probably the most significant month of this year. We have, by many accounts, the biggest, most significant election in decades. The country finds itself politically divided. No matter what happens, or who wins, I will remain thankful. If my side loses, I won’t be happy, but I will be thankful.

The first proclamation of Thanksgiving was made by President George Washington on Oct. 3, 1789. It wasn’t a national holiday, but followed a huge war, the birth of a nation, and the adoption of a constitution. Later, there was a groundswell of support for it, but it took 74 years for Thanksgiving to become that holiday. Fittingly, that also was proclaimed by President Abraham Lincoln on Oct. 3, which nicely commemorated what President Washington had done previously on that day. Surprisingly, the first national Day of Thanksgiving was celebrated in the midst of America’s Civil War. You know what? I’m thankful for that.

Coach Gary Says:

Freedom isn’t free.

The date moved around a bit, but it was always celebrated in November. President Franklin Roosevelt finally fixed the date as the fourth Thursday of November. That was November 26, 1941, just eleven days before the country was forced into World War II. I’m thankful that, today, our country recognizes how important a holiday this is.

As the saying goes, “Freedom isn’t free.” Ours was bought at the considerable price of more than 1 million combat casualties. So, I’m thankful for the leadership of these three presidents, along with the sacrifices of our military and their families, of ordinary citizens who saw that dream of freedom and refused to let it die during each of those three wars.

Today, we don’t have “those” kinds of wars, but combat still rages. Most of us know someone who knows someone who is in Afghanistan or somewhere else away from home. We all know somebody who has lost a job, maybe a home, possibly losing a business. We all know people who are losing the battle with apathy; they just don’t care anymore. Some are friends, some are neighbors, some are even competitors.

Coach Gary Says:

Practice the fundamentals.

The aforementioned leaders had a vision. They provided leadership at a time when it was greatly needed. Similarly, during the last several years, the MCAA really hasn’t missed a beat with its primary mission of promoting our industry. It’s done what we cannot do by ourselves. Regardless of what happens in the election, we’ve got to acknowledge that our association is well known among movers and shakers that are important to our industry. And I’m very thankful for that.

This year, instead of sending out holiday cards, send Thanksgiving cards. You will be the one company 100 that sends out this type of card. It’ll get there ahead of the clutter and will be appreciated, even more so if you include a quick note and hand sign it.

November will come in with a bang and go out with a pie. It is a time of football, family and friends, as you know. But it’s also about the fundamentals. Football teams‚Äîgood teams‚Äîpractice the¬† fundamentals. Our military relies upon them. Our economy depends upon them. Your family expects it. Your customers appreciate it.

Next month, I’ll be talking about how we are going to make 2013 your best year yet. But 2013 begins right now. And I’m thankful for that, too.

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