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How Safe is Your Power Cutter?
When a contractor has a project that includes cutting indoors, planning is a crucial step.

Connectors, Anchors and Fasteners
Masonry speaks with three industry leaders in the connectors, anchors and fasteners industry.

Construction Accounting Software
Learn more about the mortar that can hold your financials together.


For the Record
President’s Message
Government Affairs

New Products
Full Contact Project Management
Legal Issues
Business Building

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    Will you accept the call to serve? You may feel like a little fish in a big pond, but you too can be a voice for the masonry industry.
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    When building with hollow and grout-filled masonry block, it is often the case that some other material will need to be fastened to it. Besides having to anchor something into the top of a wall (such as roof framing), you frequently have to anchor material to the face of a…
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    We use anchoring and reinforcement on every project, whether restoration or new construction. The types of anchors generally are based on what veneer we are anchoring, the weight of the veneer, the condition of the substrate and challenges that are present in installing the anchors.
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    When attaching structural and non-structural components to masonry, understanding the embedded fastening options along with their advantages, limitations and challenges is the first step to a successful connection. Where reliable performance is desired, the most common assurance that masonry fasteners will satisfy the demands of masonry design is provided through…
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    The thing about blades is that they can always be a little sharper. That’s a maxim the masonry blade industry has taken to heart as it continues to innovate, making blades more versatile, more durable and less expensive to produce.
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