Masons: The Benefits of Equipment Finance


Masons: The Benefits of Equipment Finance

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), the trade association representing companies in the equipment finance sector, has released three new resources to help businesses take advantage of the benefits of equipment finance.  

The multimedia resources – a video, a digital toolkit and an infographic – highlight how companies can use leasing and financing to acquire the equipment they need to operate and grow.

• Video: How Equipment Finance Equips Business for Success – What makes America go and grow? At businesses nationwide, it’s access to equipment, and businesses are using leasing and financing to acquire the equipment that helps America thrive, according to this two-minute video,

• Digital Toolkit: Equipment Finance Advantage – How can businesses make the best possible equipment financing decisions? What does a business need to know before entering an equipment financing agreement? This 12-page digital brochure answers these and many other questions about acquiring equipment,

• Infographic: The Road to Equipment Finance – This infographic offers a snapshot of equipment financing. It gives readers a visual explanation of how equipment finance equips businesses for success,

“There’s a reason that seven out of 10 companies lease or finance their equipment; it makes good business sense,” says ELFA President and CEO William G. Sutton, CAE. “We are pleased to present a new video, toolkit and infographic to answer questions companies may have about acquiring equipment and to help them get started on the road to equipment finance. As all three resources point out, equipment finance is not only a smart and flexible equipment solution for businesses, it’s also an engine for U.S. economic growth, fostering innovation, supporting manufacturing and creating jobs.”

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