Keith Donner Marks 50 Years at PROSOCO


Keith Donner Marks 50 Years at PROSOCO

PROSOCO’s VP for Operations Keith Donner marked 50 years of employment with PROSOCO in February. Donner studied business and accounting at Kansas City, Kansas, Community College before joining PROSOCO in 1963.  

“I started in the accounting department,” Donner says. “But in those days, everyone did everything, so I also loaded trucks, filled containers and did anything else that needed to be done.”

Donner joined the Army Reserve in 1965, serving a year’s active duty in Vietnam as truck driver with the 842nd Quartermasters. He returned to PROSOCO when his military tour of duty ended. 

Since joining the PROSOCO, Donner has served as purchasing agent and head of accounting. He helped open manufacturing plants and distribution centers in Georgia, New Jersey and Ontario. Donner also helped PROSOCO develop many of its restoration cleaning formulas, including a poultice powder for removing rust stains. Restoration cleaning projects he’s proudest of having been involved with include the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station.

Donner has served as PROSOCO’s VP of operations since the late-1970s. Semi-retired now, he still works several days a week overseeing real estate and tax issues, and serving as a company mentor and historian.