December 2012: Chairman’s Message


Chairman’s Message

It’s Finally Over

How did the election turn out for you and your company? There were some surprises with some disappointments, but when all is said and done, we are set for another two to four years of governmental guidance. It was a long and hard-fought democrat process.

As I write this message, it makes me feel very proud and honored to be a citizen of this United States, the best country in the world. I also am very thankful to the men and women who have and continue to lay their lives down on the line every day to protect our right to free speech and the democratic process. Please remember to thank them for their service.

Back to our sssociation and the business, we conduct. Our Senior Officers have met and discussed the involvement of more contractors. In the next month, we will be checking with our Region Vice Presidents and State Chairs for involvement with the organization. It is critical for all members to stay active.

Our Union Committee continues to work with legislation and the International BAC to work on a compromise for pension reform. Mark Kemp and I, along with other committee members, will meet with International Council of Employers and the International BAC to review promotion for the year, along with areas of compromise. has been active. Imani Brodie, the chairperson for the committee, has developed a budget and, with Tim O’Toole’s help, has rejuvenated this effort. Thank you, team. Log onto, and look around the website. There is a lot of information for everyone to review. The information covers the gamut from material selection to wall configuration to finished projects. We look for great results from this team effort to help promote masonry.

South of 40 and Certification also have been active in the last month, with two great committee meetings. More information will be available on these potential changes to Certification and a convention activity for the South of 40 Group in Las Vegas in February.

Lastly is the mention of the convention. Go to the website and register to attend. There are some great air rates now, along with an action-packed convention. I would like to thank SpecMix for working with us to develop a membership package for each contractor who joins the association in Las Vegas at the convention (up to 25). Be one of the first and receive at least $1,500 worth of masonry supplies and gifts.

I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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