Wood Scaffold Plank Performance

Wood scaffold plank is undoubtedly a critical component within scaffold assemblies, as worker safety depends on the performance of the planks on which they stand. Nowadays, the product offering of wood scaffold plank is quite diverse. Aside from traditional solid sawn lumber planks that are visually graded to meet OSHA standards, there are various types and qualities of manufactured or laminated wood scaffold boards to consider.

Figure 1 ??? Proper mortar selection is based on the density and hardness of the specified brick.

Optimizing Mortar Formulations for Maximum Performance

Concrete masonry units (CMUs) and mortar go together like bread and butter. For thousands of years, engineers, architects and tradesmen have married these two components to form a system used to build everything from the ancient Egyptian pyramids to local schools. Although masonry is one of the oldest and most proven methods of construction…

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