Common Myths About Active Fall Protection

Throughout my 22 years in the fall protection industry, what has amazed me the most is the number of common falsehoods, myths and misconceptions related to an active fall event — one where a worker experiences an unintended loss of balance and then must rely on his active fall arrest system to bring him to a controlled, predictable stop and also rely on his company’s rescue plan to get him down quickly.

Melonie Leslie

December 2015: Government Affairs

Will you accept the call to serve? You may feel like a little fish in a big pond, but you too can be a voice for the masonry industry.

Nathan Podkaminer

December 2015: Masonry Technology

As we look back on our own lives and the lives of our grandparents, it is easy to see a snapshot of 60 to 100 years. So many new developments have been made during this timeframe that have a direct and indirect influence on all of us.

Will You Accept the Call to Serve?

By supporting the masonry industry, we can come up with solutions on how we can advance and protect our industry.

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