Anchors and Connectors for High-Wind Areas

Selecting Anchors and Connectors for High-Wind Areas

When building with hollow and grout-filled masonry block, it is often the case that some other material will need to be fastened to it. Besides having to anchor something into the top of a wall (such as roof framing), you frequently have to anchor material to the face of a masonry wall.

Choosing the Right Anchor for the Job

We use anchoring and reinforcement on every project, whether restoration or new construction. The types of anchors generally are based on what veneer we are anchoring, the weight of the veneer, the condition of the substrate and challenges that are present in installing the anchors.

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Anchoring Stone Veneers

Excavations throughout Europe have found stone used for shelter as far back as 12,000 B.C. Cast stone was used in France as far back as 1158 A.D.

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