January 2015: Business Building

During my first seven years building my construction company, I tried to do too much myself. I put all the estimates together and presented the bids; awarded, negotiated and signed all the contracts, subcontracts and change orders…

December 2014: Business Building

Playing a sport without knowing the score doesn’t bring out the best in your players. Imagine coaching a basketball team without keeping score. You would put in the best players you have, call plays designed to outscore the opponent, and hope to finish the game with more points on the scoreboard.

September 2014: Business Building

Shooting par in golf means that you did exactly what you wanted to do. If you could shoot par in your construction business, you would finish your jobs on time, please your customers, and make lots of money.

September 2014: Estimating

I think it was Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, who famously identified two certainties in life: death and taxes. But those of us working in the construction industry can attest to a third: change.

August 2014: Business Building

Selling construction services is simple. Price every job 10 percent lower than your competitors, and you should get at least 80 percent of the jobs you bid.

June 2014: Business Building

Last week I was coaching a construction business owner client. He told me his employees were terrible, even though most of them had been with him for five years or more.

George Hedley

May 2014: Business Building

Who said business is slower? The economy slowed profitable sales, but it increased most construction business owners??? workloads. Cutting costs, reducing staff, and lowering overhead expenses kept most managers busier than ever trying to get everything done,…

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