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Chairman’s Message: A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start Michael Sutter, MCAA Chairman   What a great time to be in the Masonry Industry! After going through some tough times a few years ago, it now seems that almost everything is the complete opposite of those times. Many of us are seeing both our revenues and margins improving and hiring as many people as we can get our hands on. We are able to return to training our apprentices and laborers and back to recruiting workers in our high schools. Wages are increasing again and bricklayer hours are much improved. We have a new Administration in office and we are all hoping that will be good for business and continue the growth we are now experiencing. We also have some new young faces in the MCAA that assures us that the excitement of being in our industry will continue. Young energetic people like our South 40 Co-Chairs Brandon Hartsell and Imani Brodie Surratt are exactly what every association hopes for while us old timers move on. Speaking of exciting times, what do you think of our new magazine? Beside a new look, a new feel and a new name (now just simply Masonry) it is so much more than a print magazine. While we all like to have a physical copy in our office to pick up and read, so much more is now being...

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Then. Now. Forever.

Then. Now. Forever. Dan Kamys, Editor – Please allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Dan Kamys, and I’m the new editor of this historic publication. First, I want to thank Karen Hickey and the former Masonry staff at Lionheart Publishing for their dedication and hard work at maintaining the magazine for the past several years. They have been nothing short of outstanding during this transition process. I’d like to emphasize how energized our new team is to be the industry’s voice and advocate with the Masonry brand. I say brand as opposed to a magazine...

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