Good Things Ahead

Bronzella Cleveland, Editor – Spring should be in the air, I know you had to reread that. Yes, I said it should be in the air since our office is in the Midwest so the seasons rotate on any given day. With the warmer weather comes more construction work, which of course is great …

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Chairman’s Message: Doing Our Part

Paul Odom, MCAA Chairman As I sit to write this month’s message, I am flying home from the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association (NCMCA). I had the honor of being invited to attend the NCMCA convention in Charleston, NC this week. It was fantastic, as always. Flying always gives me time to reflect and having …

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How to Remove and Prevent Graffiti on Historic Masonry Exteriors

Words: Ashley Johnson  Photos: PROSOCO Special thanks to Jake Boyer, Group Leader of PROSOCO, and Stephen Franks, Architectural and Technical Sales Expert for Hohmann & Barnard’s Diedrich Technology and Blok-Lok, Ltd. Graffiti is a common problem and challenge that many building owners encounter. Many historic buildings are recognized for their iconic masonry, whether that be natural stone, …

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Routine Inspections, Maintenance Keys to Building Envelope Longevity

Words: Mark Sheehan, Western Specialty Contractors Facades DivisionPhotos: Western Specialty Contractors Editor’s Note: Ensuring the longevity of building envelopes is the key to the building structure as well as the design side. This story originally ran in our sister publication MASONRY DESIGN and we thought it was important to share these tips with our MASONRY Magazine readers.   …

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The Restoration Advantage

You can restore and improve your bottom line when you make masonry restoration a part of your offerings.  Words: Stephen Franks Photos: Hohmann & Barnard  As a mason contractor, you know anchors. An integral part of the masonry wall system, the proper anchor used the proper way can make or break the integrity of the wall. …

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Painter’s Corner: MCAA Magazine

Jerry Painter   Subject: Getting Approval  Several times lately, the question of the finished appearance of masonry has come up. Everyone seems to be trying to find something that will help them sell their work. I decided that I may as well jump into the fray one more time. As I have stated many times …

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