Painter’s Corner: MCAA Magazine

Subject: Bricklayers   Jerry Painter   A few weeks ago, the program at my Rotary was about A.I. (artificial intelligence) and robotics. This was a scary program as the speaker explained what was already being done and what wasn’t far away. Manufacturing has long been the leader in robotics for many years. Medicine has been gaining …

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The combining of masonry and landscaping creates a new hybrid – Hardscaping.  Growing up as a second-generation stone cutter and mason, learning the trade from my father, I was always interested in landscaping. Little did I know, over the next three decades that combining the two would bring me into the new world of their …

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The Importance Of Safety Meetings

Editor’s Note: This month we had the opportunity to talk with mason contractors Brandon Hartsell and Paul Cantarella Jr. about regular safety meetings. Brandon and Paul were winners of the 2018 MCAA Safety Advantage Awards, and provide tips and advice for conducting effective safety meetings.   Masonry Magazine: How often does your team have safety meetings?  …

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The Legacy of the Trade: The 2019 MCAA Masonry Hall of Fame Inductees

In 2019, the MCAA will be introducing six new inductees into the Masonry Hall of Fame. On Thursday, January 24th, during the MCAA Annual Convention at the World of Concrete, the newest members of the prestigious group will be honored at the Vdara.  This year, Kenny Foeste, Clem Hellmann, Alonza Lewis, Robert Merrill, Michael Sutter, …

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Who’s Ready for 2019!

Who’s Ready For 2019! Bronzella Cleveland, Editor – This is my second year going to World of Concrete and it’s absolutely unreal how fast the past couple of months have gone by. I can’t help but be excited for the competitions, seeing familiar faces, and meeting new people.   Unlike the popular saying all over …

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