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Case Study: The Creston Avenue Residence

The Volunteers of America in Greater New York and the Housing Collaborative, LLC joined forces on a unique multi-family housing project in the Bronx. The $24 million Creston Avenue Residence was to be a combination of affordable and supportive housing. In addition to low-income families, residents would include those who had been homeless, veterans, high-need Medicaid recipients, and others with special needs who could not otherwise depend on stable housing. Before ground was broken in early 2015, the project faced a series of challenges. In addition to meeting the needs and wishes of various stakeholders, the developers wanted a...

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Scaffolding Best Practices You Might Not Know

Words: Zach Everett, Corporate Safety Director Brazos Masonry Inc., Legacy Masonry Inc. The term “little known,” is subjective at best. Many of you being in the construction industry, maybe very well aware of most of these OSHA guidelines for safe scaffolding. What I will try to do in this article is to address both things that are commonly found on any construction site and not so obscure that it would never be utilized. For starters, any scaffold should have a base of some sort. An “adequate foundation” is what OSHA says that every scaffold must have. There are many...

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