Good Things Ahead

Bronzella Cleveland, Editor – Spring should be in the air, I know you had to reread that. Yes, I said it should be in the air since our office is in the Midwest so the seasons rotate on any given day. With the warmer weather comes more construction work, which of course is great …

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Chairman’s Message: Doing Our Part

Paul Odom, MCAA Chairman As I sit to write this month’s message, I am flying home from the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association (NCMCA). I had the honor of being invited to attend the NCMCA convention in Charleston, NC this week. It was fantastic, as always. Flying always gives me time to reflect and having …

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Painter’s Corner: MCAA Magazine

Jerry Painter   Subject: Getting Approval  Several times lately, the question of the finished appearance of masonry has come up. Everyone seems to be trying to find something that will help them sell their work. I decided that I may as well jump into the fray one more time. As I have stated many times …

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May 2019: Full Contact Project Management

Contractors have unique abilities, equipment and training to “see” things that almost no one else can. You can merely look at a set of plans and see, right then and there, if a proposed project will not work – even though it was designed by the expert architect or engineer.

MCAA Gateway: May 2019

MCAA Safety Advantage Awards  Submissions are open for the 2019 MCAA Safety Advantage Awards, sponsored by Federated Insurance.  The goal of the MCAA Safety Advantage Awards is to help draw attention to the need and benefits of performing safely.  The MCAA Safety Advantage Awards will be presented based on a mason contractor’s incident rate. The …

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Data Is King

Dan Kamys, Editorial Director – It’s pretty unusual for you to be seeing me in the column portion of our magazine, but I have a new project I want to outline. As you know, the MCAA and MASONRY are always looking for new ways to demonstrate the value and the power of the industry. …

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