Translation: Painter’s Corner

Artículo para abril 2018 – El rincón del pintor para MCAA Magazine  Escrito por: Jerry Painter el 03-04-2018  Tema/Pregunta: Investigar filtraciones  Ran March 2018  El otro día recibí una llamada peculiar de alguien con un problema de intrusión de agua. Durante una lluvia el agua penetró … ¡Fue ahí cuando captó mi atención!, Entró directo, …

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Drone Safety: An Update

Drones may be one of the world’s coolest new inventions. During the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, earlier this year, thousands were used to produce a light show the likes of which the world had never seen. Sales are increasing so that in 2018, some 10 million could be sold …

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So Many Good Things To Come

Bronzella Cleveland, Editor – As I write this, I can’t help but notice how quickly the year has gone by. It feels like the year just started a couple months ago, but the progress we’ve made with the magazines has been phenomenal. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before this is my favorite time of …

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Economic Forecast: How Long Will It Last?

Strong Economy Confronts Rising Costs  U.S. economic performance has been better of late than it has been for at least 13 years. While there has been abundant negativity regarding the propriety of tariffs, trade skirmishes, abandonment of various treaties, shifting immigration policy, and rapidly expanding national debt, there can be little debate regarding whether near-term …

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Tech Talk: Cleaning Masonry Explained

Cleaning is usually carried out as the final step when building new masonry, removing mortar smears, grout spills, and other construction-related stains. Dirt, pollutants, biological growth, paint, and graffiti is removed from existing masonry to improve its appearance and maintain long-term performance. Cleaning is also required by Code (Section 3.8 of The Masonry Society Specification …

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