Business Building: 8 Steps To Become A Wealthy Contractor!

Over the last several years as a contractor business coach, I have closely observed and gotten to know many highly successful construction company owners. Via interviewing them for these articles, coaching them one-on-one, and working with them in our Construction Business Owner BIZGROUPS, several common factors have emerged as to what makes them become the …

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Tech Talk: Is Self-Consolidating Grout Right For My Project?

Self-consolidating grout (SCG) and self-consolidating concrete are becoming more available and more widely used around the United States. However, for many masons, self-consolidating grout is still somewhat mysterious. Like any construction material, SCG has advantages and disadvantages, and a property that could be an advantage for one type of project can be a disadvantage for …

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Shop Talk

What is masonry? Webster defines it as something constructed of materials used by masons. I’d like to think it’s more than that. Masonry is literally the foundation upon which we have constructed our lives. From the homes we live into the office buildings where we work to the awe-inspiring architecture of an ancient castle, masonry …

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January 2019: Full Contact Project Management

Contractors have unique abilities, equipment and training to “see” things that almost no one else can. You can merely look at a set of plans and see, right then and there, if a proposed project will not work – even though it was designed by the expert architect or engineer.

Painter’s Corner: MCAA Magazine

Subject: Bricklayers   Jerry Painter   A few weeks ago, the program at my Rotary was about A.I. (artificial intelligence) and robotics. This was a scary program as the speaker explained what was already being done and what wasn’t far away. Manufacturing has long been the leader in robotics for many years. Medicine has been gaining …

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The Importance Of Safety Meetings

Editor’s Note: This month we had the opportunity to talk with mason contractors Brandon Hartsell and Paul Cantarella Jr. about regular safety meetings. Brandon and Paul were winners of the 2018 MCAA Safety Advantage Awards, and provide tips and advice for conducting effective safety meetings.   Masonry Magazine: How often does your team have safety meetings?  …

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