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AURORA, Illinois, December 19, 2022: At just 4 inches in length, the transparent R 100 pocket level has a number of practical features to help you conduct measurements in even the tightest spaces. Made from break-proof acrylic glass, the R 100 is resistant against water, heat, and cold and is non-conductive. The R 100 has both a horizontal and a vertical vial and has a maximum measuring tolerance of 0.001 in./in. (± 1 mm/m, 0.057°) for precise measurements. The R 100 is also suitable for simple measuring and marking tasks thanks to a printed ruler.

Transparent and Resistant

The R 100 is a block-shaped, compact level made from break-proof acrylic glass. The acrylic glass not only gives the R 100 its distinctive look, but also boasts a number of useful features. The biggest advantage is its transparency, which ensures the working/measuring area is clearly visible at all times and is not obscured by the spirit level. In addition, the R 100 doesn’t leave any scuffs or abrasions on the wall. The acrylic glass is also extremely resistant to external factors such as water, heat, and cold. A further positive feature is that the material does not conduct electricity.

The R 100 pocket level from SOLA is made from break-proof acrylic glass

Two Vials and Measuring Scale

Despite its size, the R 100 comes equipped with a vertical and a horizontal vial. Both the vials and the measuring surfaces are milled and therefore extremely precise with a measuring tolerance of just 0.001 in./in. (± 1 mm/m, 0.057°) in its standard position. The R 100 also has both a horizontal and a vertical scale that is easy to read, meaning it can also be used as a ruler or marking aid.

The R 100 pocket level from SOLA has two vials, and a vertical and a horizontal measuring scale

Perfect for Measuring Small Surfaces

At just 4 inches long, the R 100 is particularly suited for conducting measurements in confined spaces. Perfectly fitting into any pocket means it’s always within easy reach. Since the R 100 is non-conductive, it’s perfect for positioning light switches and plugs, whether these are surface or flush-mounted. The R 100 is also ideal for installing junction boxes, wiring, or cable ducts. The R 100 is also the perfect tool for the home: it’s perfect for applications such as aligning washers or dryers or making sure pictures hang straight.

The R 100 compact spirit level from SOLA is particularly suited for measuring in the tightest spaces


About SOLA-Messwerkzeuge GmbH
Since 1949 the SOLA brand has meant high precision measuring and marking tools. As market leader in premium spirit levels, the Austrian company manufactures a wide range of products, including screeding levels, folding rules, long and short tapes, squares, measuring wheels, marking products, laser distance meters and a customized laser program. SOLA’s approach is to develop and continuously optimize its products to match its customers’ requirements as closely as possible. SOLA Measuring Tools are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. 75% of all products are manufactured in Götzis, Austria, where the headquarters and production facility are located. This is where 200 employees develop, produce and distribute a product range of more than 1,500 products. The high-quality standards that SOLA has set for itself are subjected to constant control in the company’s own laboratories and testing facilities. For more information visit www.sola.us

About Keson LLC
Founded in 2018, Keson LLC is an alliance of the two industry leaders Keson and SOLA. Both companies are family-owned and leaders in measuring and marking tools, offer complementary product lines, and share very similar values. Keson is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, and is well known in North America for providing reliable, innovative, and easy-to-use measuring and marking products to professional tradespeople who are passionate about their work. SOLA is headquartered in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the shadow of the Austrian Alps and is a market leader in spirit and screeding levels in 30 countries around the world. With a combined 120 years of market experience, Keson LLC builds upon Keson’s U.S. manufacturing, existing distribution network and strong relationships by adding SOLA’s European manufacturing expertise, precision engineering and industry-leading technology. Operating from Aurora, Keson LLC will provide the outstanding products and service that will continue us to earn and keep the trust of tradespeople and of those who supply them with the tools they need. Find out more at www.keson.com

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