AZ Masonry Council: Bart Del Duca Award

AZ Masonry Council: Bart Del Duca Award

Words and Photos: AZ Masonry Council

Each year, the Arizona Masonry Council honors the memory and service of Bart Del Duca by presenting this award to an individual who epitomizes Bart’s dedication and service to the masonry industry. Each recipient demonstrates outstanding performance, service or significant achievement in the masonry industry.

The 2022 recipient began her career in the construction supply industry May 20th, 1987.  She was hired by John Stoss, VP of Phoenix Cement Co. to work as the Bagged Products Sales Representative.  Upon her hire, Kim became the first female cement sales representative in Arizona and the second in the US!

Kim has forever had a tie to the masonry construction industry; her father, Ron Park, owned a masonry company and the “original Phoenix Cement Co. salesman, Gene Quenzler (and past recipient of the Bart Del Duca Award)”, called on her dad for many years!  Gene recalled the days when he would visit with Ron at his home when Kim was a child, riding her tricycle in the driveway!

For the past 35 years, Kim has coordinated Bagged Products Sales for Phoenix Cement Co./SRMG; she also took on bulk cement sales accounts and clients along the way over the past 20 years.

Within the first few months of her hire, Kim replaced Phoenix Cement Co.’s Pete Kuehner on the Arizona Masonry Guild Board of Directors.  She has since served on the AMG/AMC board her entire career.   She has also proudly and generously served on the Excellence in Masonry Architectural Awards committee for all 31 years that the event has been held.

Kim considers her customers to be part of her family and to her, the value of that relationship is far greater than the value of the sale. When she calls on her customers the conversations are prefaced by her genuine concern of how that customer is doing, how their family is, and if she can be of any help. Kim often uses the phrase, “Be the light”, which she has been to a lot of us.

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