Combination Rotary Hammer Drills For All Your Demolition Needs

Combination Rotary Hammer Drills For All Your Demolition Needs

Words: Chris Rodermond
Photos: Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, Hilti, Piotr Wytrazek

What gaps do you currently have in your toolbox when it comes to chiseling, channeling, drilling, and demolishing masonry and natural stone? Across some of the leading manufacturers, a wide range of Rotary and Hammer Drills are offered that can fill that slot with more efficiency and/or power.  

Light tools for intricate or awkward work situations can be just as important as heavy-duty machines meant to be used for strenuous or constant work. That is why we researched the full spectrum of Rotary and Hammer Drills offered by Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, and Hilti for masonry applications. While some of these tools have cross-functionality for concrete applications, the below tools all have direct masonry applications. 

Sometimes referred to as combination drills, Rotary Drills can generally be switched from a rotary drill function to a hammer function. The demolition hammers only work in hammer mode for chiseling and demolition functions.  

There are generally three types of drill bit standard attachment systems on the market today. SDS Plus, SDS Max, and Spline shanks. SDS+ is the smallest standard and accepts a variety of smaller chiseling and chipping bits. SDS Max is on par with Spline in strength and size of bit but the chuck on the bit is different. The SDS Max standard currently has more options in the market for different bits. It is important to remember that SDS Max and Spline can be adapted to accept SDS Plus bits, but the reverse is not true. Some manufacturers are still building spline accepting drills.

Additionally, note that in the product descriptions below that the size rating (e.g. 1 ¾”) has nothing to do with the bit sizes but instead refers to the power of the drill. 

We have also added references to dust mitigation attachments. The products are listed in four broad categories; Cordless, SDS MAX, Spline, and Demolition. See details like price, power, weight, bit, and technology touted by the manufacturers. Finally, we have only highlighted the drills themselves, but they are sold to stand alone as well as in a variety of kit options.

Makita offers noise level comparisons on their product details pages. There are also many options of corded SDS Max and Spline Rotary Hammers and Demo Hammers. Many of these models can come equipped with an on-board dust extractor and AWS technology, which means there can be wireless connectivity between the tool and the dust extractor.

Bosch has a well-organized website and broad choices across the power spectrum. Sorry that we could only include a few. The Bosch products are  Mobile Dust Extractors available for each class of goods.

Many of the DeWalt models also have the ability to be equipped with integrated wireless tool control to link the tool to the DCV585 60V MAX* dust extractor for remote extractor activation. Tag Ready means users can attach the DEWALT Tag and track its location via the Tool Connect app.

Hilti has a wide range as well. Most of Hilti’s products have Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) which helps make the tool-less tiring to operate. The optional DRS-B is the dust removal system compatible with most Hilti drill hammers. Many of the Hilti products offer detachable supply cords for ease of replacement of damaged or broken cords.


Liberating but the batteries are expensive and substantially add to the overall weight of the drill. 

Makita XRH10ZW – 18V X2 (36V) LXT® Lithium‑Ion Brushless Cordless 1‑1/8″ AVT® Rotary Hammer, accepts SDS‑PLUS bits, AFT®, AWS™ Capable –  $579.00 with HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR
BPM (variable speed) : 0-5000
Impact Energy (Joules) : 3.2J
Net Weight: 11 lbs. with battery.

Bosch RH328VC-36K  36V SDS-plus® Bulldog™ 1-1/8 In. Rotary Hammer – $749.99
BPM (variable speed) : 4100
Impact Energy (ft. lbs) :2.4 
Net Weight: 9.6 lbs 

BPM (variable speed) : 1350-2705
Impact Energy (Joules) : 13.3
Net Weight: 20lbs.

Hilti – Cordless TE 60-A36 – $1966
BPM (variable speed) : 3300 
Impact Energy (ft lbs) : 6lbs
Net Weight : 17.9 lbs.


Bigger bits on par with the power of traditional spline tools. These drills are designed for light and medium-duty chiseling and drilling. These drills take the SDS Max (TE-Y) bit system.

Makita HR4013C – 1‑9/16″ Advanced AVT® Rotary Hammer, accepts SDS‑MAX bits $599.00
BPM (variable speed) : 1450-2900
Impact Energy (Joules) : 11.4 J
Net Weight: 15.1 lbs.

Bosch – RH540M 1-9/16 In. SDS-max® Combination Hammer
BPM (variable speed) : 1200-2750
Impact Energy (ft lbs) : 6.1 lbs
Net Weight : 15 lbs.

DeWalt – D25614K 1 ¾ In. SDS MAX COMBINATION ROTARY HAMMER – $599.00
BPM (variable speed) : 1450-2900 BPM
Impact Energy (Joules) : 10.5
Net Weight :  17.3 lbs.

Hilti TE 70-AVR SDS MAX – $1999.00
BPM (variable speed) : 3150 BPM
Impact Energy (ft. lbs.) : 10.7
Net Weight: 22 lbs.


Still in production but could be phased out one day. Simple and dependable, and relatively inexpensive.

Makita – 2” Rotary Hammer, accepts Spline bits $449.00 USD
BPM (variable speed) : 1,100 – 2,650 BPM
Impact Energy (Joules) : 11.6 J
Net Weight : 12.3 lbs.

Bosch 11265EVS 1-5/8 In. Spline Combination Hammer – $679.00
Amperage: 13.0
Impact Energy (ft. lbs) : 6.5
Net Weight: 15.1 lb.

*From our research that Hilti does not offer a Spline version. 


These are the most powerful drills, designed for heavy-duty drilling and chiseling on masonry and natural stone. These drills also accept the SDS Max (TE-Y) bits.

Makita – HM1214CX, 27 lb. AVT® Demolition Hammer, accepts SDS‑MAX bits and 1″ Rotary Hammer – $1009.99
BPM (variable speed) : 950 – 1,900 BPM
Impact Energy (Joules) : 25.7 J
Net Weight: 27.1 lbs.

Bosch 2” Rotary Hammer, accepts Spline bits
BPM (variable speed) : 3150 BPM
Net Weight : 11.9 lbs.

DeWalt – 19 LB. SDS MAX DEMOLITION HAMMER – $729.00 
BPM (variable speed) : 1350-2705
Impact Energy (Joules) : 13.3
Net Weight: 19 lbs.

Which demolition or rotary hammer fits your company or next job? Be sure to check all these options out before making a decision on your next piece of equipment!

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