Social Media Update: Instagram Top 8

Social Media Update: Instagram Top 8

Words: Cassandra Stern 
Photos: Reddit, MASONRY Magazine, MCAA

Our recent social media update was an awesome success, so we’ve gone back and dug deeper to bring you our Instagram Top 8 Update. As we have previously discussed (see our recent update here if you missed it) we shared some of our goals to develop and grow our social media presence in 2020, and as Social Media Editor, I am thrilled to share that this year we are continuing to shatter records for engagement, reach, and more. To our readers and followers, a humble thank you is in order! We know our goals are very ambitious, but we are encouraged by the positive response we have received and continue to receive.

If you follow MASONRY Magazine, MASONRY Design Magazine, or the MCAA on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, then you may have noticed a significant increase in how frequently we are posting to these channels. This is no accident! As we continue to share more and more content, we hope you will continue to like and share with your own friends and followers. Your support keeps us growing and thriving, but if there is ever anything you’d like to see on our social media pages, let us know! 

Now, without further ado, our Top 8 Instagram Posts of 2020 (So Far): 

8. Check out that stonework! Happy #FireplaceFriday from MASONRY Magazine!

#FireplaceFriday is an awesome initiative that we actually started late last year, and it has really taken off! In our number 8 spot, we have the only item on this list from @masonrymagazine’s Instagram account. This post was equally as popular on Facebook and is a beautiful example of natural stone design and advanced masonry techniques, which is reflected by all the comments exclaiming “Wow!” In addition to 64 likes, this post also received 6 saves and almost 500 impressions!

7. Has this ever happened to you? #FailFriday [Video] 


You may recognize this post from our previous social media recap. #FailFriday continues to be one of our most popular initiatives, a trend that holds true across our social media platforms. This post slides into the 7th spot on our Instagram Top 8 with 64 likes, 470 video views, 6 saves, and almost 700 impressions. Of those, four viewers laughed so hard they even commented laughing emojis. Sometimes, a little humor is all you need to get through the day! 

6. #MCAA #SkillsChallenge was an amazing success! Here’s a sneak peek of yesterday’s action. #WOC2020 [Video]

We know that everyone isn’t able to make World Of Concrete, but the hardworking young masonry apprentices participating in the #MCAASkillsChallenge deserve recognition! We had a blast filming and posting this video, which was taken right in the center of the action mid-competition. We love that we can showcase videos like this one on our social media and receive such a positive response! At 71 likes, 2 comments, 3 saves, and almost 800 impressions, this was definitely an awesome outpouring of support for our young masons! 

5. Young masons like Ashton White motivate us every day. Thanks to Ashton for sharing this awesome shot of her doing what she does best! #MondayMotivation

If you follow the MCAA or MASONRY Magazine, then you have probably seen Ashton’s GEN NXT interview, or perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to see her compete at World of Concrete! Ashton is an inspiration to many young girls who want to grow up and work in the trades, so it only makes sense that we shared her awesome World of Concrete 2020 photo to our channels with great response! Ashton’s photo received 71 likes, 2 comments of congratulations, 3 saves, and approximately 800 impressions. If you don’t already, be sure to follow @thatmasonrygirl on Instagram!

4. Happy #WackyWednesday! What do you think of this creative #brickdesign?


Our followers love eye-catching brick patterns and natural stone artistry- and who wouldn’t? This post was a little different take on a #WackyWednesday submission, but clearly it was a successful change-up. Past posts have included strange brick sculptures, artwork, and even murals, but this was our first to include a wacky design within the brick’s facing. We loved how clever this design is, and our audience clearly does as well. This post also received about 800 impressions, 7 saves, 72 likes, and 4 comments- mostly asking how it was done. We’re not exactly sure, but suspect it took a lot of talent! 

3. We saw this on our LinkedIn page and just needed to share. Congrats to UK masonry apprentice Morgan J on this beautiful task model! Thanks to instructor Christian Hatherall-Good for the photo.

Our top three Instagram post of 2020 (so far) is also one of our favorites! Workforce development is a very important topic in masonry, and we will take any chance we can to shine a spotlight on the hard work and dedication of young masons. We’ll get into a deeper dive of our LinkedIn Top Posts soon, but we’re always keeping a close eye on all platforms for new content like this. It was an honor to share Morgan’s accomplishments, and our social media followers clearly agree. Receiving 79 likes, 2 congratulatory comments, and almost 800 impressions, we’re just happy Morgan received some well-earned recognition and praise for his hard work- it definitely paid off.

2. Loving the unique design of this wall. #WackyWednesday

A serpentine wall holds the number 2 spot on our Top Instagram Post list. The talent level required to complete a beautiful project like this one is definitely high, and it’s an incredibly stunning post overall. This post proves you don’t need many words for it to be successful- the photo speaks for itself. There were 80 likes, 3 comments, 4 saves, and almost 700 impressions received, which just means we’ll have to continue with more posts like this one going forward. 


1. “Only a few of you will understand this feeling… My son’s 3rd day on the job. 💪💪” Great #ShareSaturday post from #MCAA fan Curt Rushing of Rushing Masonry & Construction Inc.!

Drum roll please! In the number one spot is the most recent post on this list, sent to us by Curt Rushing of Rushing Masonry & Construction, Inc. Curt has recently added his son to his crew, and he recently experienced his first right of passage on the job- dropping a full wheelbarrow full of mortar! Thankfully, it was only his third day on the job- and our followers had a lot of advice and encouragement for him. The post went live on May 23, and since that time (24 hours as of this writing) it has already received 93 likes, 3 saves, over 700 impressions, and a whopping, record-breaking 23 comments! Time will tell how successful this post will be, but it’s clear this one really resonates with our followers. 

In addition to our goals to post more engaging content and grow our audience, it’s our mission to give you, our followers, readers, and supporters, a platform to speak freely and share your love of and appreciation for the masonry industry. We promise to always provide honest, engaging content that represents you- but that means we need your help. Send us an email at or a direct message on any of our social media platforms- we love to hear from you! 

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