The Start Of Something New

The Start Of Something New

The Start Of Something New

Dan Kamys, Editor –

Our office is outside of Chicago, so while my original title of “The Start of Summer” may have been a little ridiculous for many of you. However, May marks the start of what (should be) the warmer weather season, the big boon of the construction season, and more time spent enjoying the great outdoors in our free time.

It also marks a very interesting time for us here at the MCAA and MASONRY. This month, we are also printing our first issue of MASONRY DESIGN magazine. It’ll mark the first issue we’ve handled, and there are some very interesting topics in that piece. The first issue comes out a little later this month, so please make sure to head to MASONRY DESIGN’s website and check it out.

In this issue, you’ll see a variey of topics covered, as usual. However, we have some interesting articles that you want to be sure to take a look at. One of them of particular interest to me involves portability on a jobsite. With technology evolving at the pace it continues to, it’s always fascinating to see how various companies are working to make a mason’s job more efficient in the field.

Technology seems to be a focus of this issue, as we also have articles on Nearmap and BIM-M. Nearmap is a great tool that contractors can use for some fantastic aerial imagery. BIM-M, as you probably know, is providing for the ease of designing with masonry. For contractors, the implications are streamlined communication with design teams and execution of jobs.

Dean Marsico also provides us a glimpse into the world of outdoor living in this issue. With the weather warming up, what better time than to start thinking about all those fantastic outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and hardscape possibilities!

Finally, the last piece you probably want to take a look at involves NMIA, or the National Masonry Instructors Association. This organization is the backbone of workforce development efforts for the industry, and this article will provide you with some information on what the organization is about.

Bronzella and I truly hope you enjoy this issue, and hope you have a chance to check out MASONRY DESIGN as well. Masonry, I feel, is the most impressive trade out there. It’s a rare mix when the craft, safety, sustainability, and beauty all happen to line up and make the choice clear.

We truly hope you enjoy this issue.


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