The Whirlwind of Concrete 2018

The Whirlwind of Concrete 2018

The Whirlwind of Concrete 2018

Dan Kamys, Editor –

I guess you can say that I’m no longer a newbie to the World of Concrete since this will be my second show. Although, you can probably still say I’m a newbie to the World of Concrete since this is ONLY my second show. It sure seems like someone could go to the World of Concrete 4-5 and still not see everything. So, here we go again!

I’ll state the obvious with this issue, since you’re holding it. This January 2018 issue of MASONRY is the largest since the MCAA took over the magazine in 2017. We’re also not positive, but we’re pretty sure this is the largest issue in the 60+ year history of the magazine. Of course, pages for the sake of pages means nothing to me. That’s why this issue is filled with relevant and useful stories about the industry.

The entire team and I are truly proud of this issue, and all the work that has gone into it. Thank you to everyone who helped us put it together, and we hope you enjoy the stories inside. Speaking on the subject of our team, in this issue you’ll get to hear from our Assistant Editor, Bronzella Cleveland. Let’s say I was just suffering from new dad brain earlier this year, as I didn’t let her have the chance to formally introduce herself.

Please let us know if you’re attending the show, as we’d love to connect and have the opportunity to meet. This is one of the most exciting times of the year for the magazine, and I have a feeling it’s always going to be our big issue (not that the other ones are small by any means).

To all the Hall of Fame inductees, congratulations on all that you have achieved during your work within the industry. Good luck to all the competitors in the Bronze Lot, and we can’t wait to see all the latest innovations from suppliers!

Happy New Year to you and your family, and we look forward to providing you the best and most current information that the industry needs. We might just have a few surprises up our sleeve this year, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. We wish you all the best for 2018!


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