The Calm Before The Masonry Storm

The Calm Before The Masonry Storm

The Calm Before the Masonry Storm

Dan Kamys, Editor –

I can’t believe that it’s already been almost a year since my first World of Concrete, and here we are with our first pre-show issue with the new version of MASONRY. I am very excited to share this issue with you; it’s our largest issue of the year. Spoiler alert: it’s probably going to be topped by the January World of Concrete Show issue, but I said nothing.

I love attending the World of Concrete mainly because I get to see the passion for the trade firsthand. Whether it be seeing all the latest innovations from suppliers, talking with contractors about their thoughts on the industry, watching the competitions, or seeing the Hall of Fame inductees, it always reaffirms my commitment to helping the industry and MCAA however I can.

This will be the first year Bronzella, our Assistant Editor, gets to see the show, so that should be very helpful for her as well. I did tell her to wear the most comfortable shoes she could find, though. I know my blisters from last year are finally healing.

As we mark the end of the first year of the new MASONRY, I think it should also mark the end of the “new” being put in front of it. From now on, it’s just MASONRY. We are going to continue pushing the magazine forward while serving as an advocate and voice for the industry. Our response to the magazine for the first year has been quite positive, and I am happy that our hard work has been well received.

I always sound like a broken record in these Editor’s Notes, but I am calling for any feedback for the magazine going forward. We have some exciting new features coming in 2018, and we hope that you’ll continue to find the information inside useful. If you’d like, feel free to find me or Bronzella at the show to discuss anything you’d like to see in the magazine. I’m sure we’ll have a lot going on, but we’re always here to learn about how we can better serve the industry.

As I said in my last issue, I really hope that you’re able to spend some time with family and friends in between all the work and preparations for attending the show. Happy holidays to you, your family and friends, and those who are part of your respective companies!





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