Masonry Past, Present, Future

Masonry Past, Present, Future

Masonry Past. Masonry Present! Masonry Future? What does it mean to you? What does it mean to me? 2017 has been a year of many ups and a few downs, but at the end of the day, I have my Masonry Family. Family is at the heart of what keeps the Chapters, Associations, and Conventions meaningful. While in Steamboat Springs in late August, the city and culture in which we lived for a week, revolves around family. But you ask, “How does Family relate to Masonry Past, Present, & Future?” We are truly blessed to be a part of the greatest Industry in the World.

Masonry Past:

We are standing on the foundation put in place by the men and women who started our chapters and associations. Believe me, this year in North Carolina, I have studied the past leaders of our association and the importance they still have today. You may say, “this sounds a bit boring.” Maybe to some, but I deemed it necessary to help implement change. First, we must know where our roots come from, to make change easier. Lynn Nash has been an ally for me this year, I asked for copies of every monthly newsletter to date. I have read each one and it honestly shows how we have “grown up” over the years as an association. Lynn also sent me a few CD’s, which outline how our State Association came to life. I will focus on the CD titled, “NCMCA Founding Fathers.” Glenn Sipe, Bob Merrill, Bobby Matthews, Howard Rowe, Jerry Eckard, Carl Moser, Ivey Griffin, Jr., and Hugh Townsend were interviewed. The production contains 32 tracks and by the end of the CD, I wanted to work even harder for this association. The gentlemen listed above set the standard in which we follow today. My goal is to have NCMCA and MCAA put these CD’s on the Websites for all to listen. Change can be a hard thing, but when change is respectfully implemented, I consider it to be a tribute to those who stood before us.

Masonry Present: State

Where should I start? We are truly blessed by all talent North Carolina puts on display. The Masonry Industry is “Strong in North Carolina!” Our state truly is a wonderful place to live and work. North Carolina “Excels” on many levels, but the Masonry Industry is our crown jewel. North Carolina is home to some of the “Best Masons” in the World. There is no better way to say “Thank You” for all they do, than to recognize everyone. All I do is promote the wonderful things these folks do. The men and women who represent this state with a trowel is why I enjoy making sure NC is recognized daily on the State, National, and International stage as a leader in the Industry. We have a had a great year with all our competitions and gatherings. I truly believe this section would make the gentlemen listed above very proud of where we stand and where we are headed.

There is a freshness in the air within the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association (NCMCA). After many meetings and countless hours of design, we have approved a new Logo which represents past, present, and future. Our new logo is below followed by a brief description.

The North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association (NCMCA) brand incorporates a strong, meaningful logo. Modern lettering conveys new life, the next generation of leaders, and growth of an association which is recognized on the national and international stage as a leader in the masonry industry. The trowel symbolizes the history and individuals who provided the foundation for an association which set the standard for the masonry industry. The trowel also serves as a bridge connecting the foundation’s history to the industry of tomorrow.

North Carolina is my home and I will continue doing everything I can to make sure we stay on the forefront of the Industry.

Masonry Present: National

The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), has also been very open to change and provided me the honor of Co-Chairing the South of 40 Committee. We recently approached Mr. Mason Hill, VP of Hill Masonry, Inc., to be my Co-Chairman for MCAA’s South of 40 Committee. He accepted and I know this Committee is shaping the Next Generation of MCAA. Mason, like myself, is a third-generation mason born into the masonry industry. Mason is an example that hard work and determination can help anyone achieve their goals. Not only did he learn the job from the ground up working onsite side by side with bricklayers, but he also threw himself into the management and estimating side of the business. He focuses on growing the family business with a more hands-on approach. Now as VP of the company, Mason personally recognizes the benefits of both the “stone age” way and the “modern technology” approach to the trade, and strives to integrate the best of both to run a successful company. Thank you, Mason, for joining us.

Join the MCAA at South of 40 Event at Señor Frog’s. Tuesday, January 23, 2018. 6:00 – 7:30 PM. Señor Frog’s Las Vegas. Thank you to our Sponsors for this event.

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The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) would like to invite you to join us this January in Las Vegas for the 2018 MCAA Convention at the World of Concrete/World of Masonry. The MCAA Convention is the perfect opportunity for you and your company to learn and participate in many new and exciting happenings taking place at the MCAA and in our industry today, including several great education programs focused on helping your company maintain a competitive advantage.2

The MCAA’s Masonry Skills Challenge, the MCAA’s Fastest Trowel on the Block and the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® will once again take place on Wednesday during MASONRY MADNESS®. You will not want to miss these great competitions.3

Masonry Future:

We discussed our Foundation. We discussed what makes up our Association. We don’t know what the Future holds, but I do know The Metrolina Chapter, NCMCA, and MCAA will remain strong because so many give so much to make everything better. Team is the most important word we can use. Finally, I would like to thank my Team. Our Metrolina Chapter Officers Greg Huntley (VP), Carson Grief (Secretary), and Justin Bamonte (Treasurer) for helping me to honestly be able to say, there is no “I” in the word Team! I need to also thank my fellow NCMCA Officers Ashlee Koontz Moore (Chairman), Bob Gates (President), Kent Huntley (President-Elect), Danks Burton (Secretary-Treasurer), Lynn Nash (Executive Vice President), Doug Burton (Eastern Regional VP), Don Caldwell (Western Regional VP), John Cramer (Insurance Consultant), & Pete Schantz (Insurance Consultant) for continued support. When we travel to other parts of this Country and Our State is recognized as the Masonry Standard, you know you belong to a Strong Organization. Finally, I would like to thank Bob Gates (President / Owner Gates Construction) and Dink Mitchell (Business Development Gates Construction) for giving me the opportunity to work for one of the best Masonry Contractors in the Nation. I appreciate you gentlemen.

The future of our Industry lies within the minds and hands of the Next Generation. It is “Our” responsibility to make sure we develop and promote to the Next Generation. We must take the time to visit schools, attend trade events, and make ourselves available for the Next Generation. I believe we need to develop lasting relationships with younger people, encourage their new ideas, and educate the leaders of tomorrow. In this way, the masonry industry will be as solid as the products we promote. I hope you will join us!


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Words: Brandon Hartsell
Photos: Masonry Magazine, BartCo, ElaineOdell, Breedfoto, imagesbybarbara
Brandon Hartsell is a Project Manager with Gates Construction Company, Inc. (Mooresville, NC). He is Chairman of the MCAA South 40, Central Region Vice President of the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association and President of the Local NCMCA Metrolina Chapter. Brandon lives in the Charlotte Area with his Wife (Meredith) and their Two Children (Braxton & Mckinley). He is the Third-Generation in his Family to be involved in the Masonry Industry. He can be reached at or 704-310-1674.


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