The Masons Guide to Natural Stone

The Masons Guide to Natural Stone

It’s Only Natural

Dan Kamys, Editor –

…for most mason contractors, that is. Branching out into other areas of work is a way for companies to grow and expand their business. After all, it only makes sense from the client’s perspective to have one crew on the jobsite. My wife and I recently went through this with a home renovation I never hope to relive, but what kept us sane throughout the process was that we only had one point of contact handling all the work. One crew took care of plumbing, tile work, flooring, carpet, and electrical.

The same concept applies to mason contractors, who otherwise wouldn’t be bidding on jobs like natural stone. Many times when completing a brick or block job, that’s the extent of things for masonry companies. However, a similar job that contractors could be bidding on is in the world of natural stone. At Masonry, we’re all about pushing the industry forward whether it comes to education, advocacy, and information. This is the first of what we hope to be many mini-magazines that accompany our full issue.

The information in The Mason’s Guide To Natural Stone is meant to help inform and enlighten you on the possibilities that are out there. We thank Joe Alonso from the Washington National Cathedral, The MIA + BSI / Natural Stone Institute, Dean Marsico from Plymouth Quarries, and the Indiana Limestone Institute for their collaboration in putting together the insightful editorial pieces for you to enjoy.

With this mini magazine just as much as the full Masonry, we are looking for your feedback. Internally, we have already discussed that this Natural Stone piece could become annual. Additionally, we have nailed down a few more areas of work that could warrant mini magazines. Please provide us your feedback, let us know if you’ve found this useful, and enjoy.





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