CompleteFlash™ High Corner Boots and Preformed End Dams from Mortar Net Solutions™ are designed for fast, trouble-free installation.

The tough 14-inch High Corner Boots for masonry cavity walls are superior to typical 8-inch corner boots because they extend above the standard flashing height and make it easy to create a consistently high-quality corner every time. The one-piece, preformed and injection-molded High Corner Boots are highly puncture-resistant and available in thermoplastic polyolefin and a synthetic rubber/polypropylene (SR) blend that is EPDM compatible. Inside and outside corner boots are available and benefits of the High Corner Boots include fast and easy installation and no need for field fabrication.

The one-piece preformed End Dams are a key component of leak-proof flashing installations and flashing systems. They seal securely to flashing membranes and prevent water from leaking around the lintel ends over windows, doors and other wall openings, and at the termination points of flashing runs. The End Dams provide excellent adhesion to common adhesive/sealants and are available in right, left and universal configurations.

CompleteFlash greatly reduces the chances of leaks and makes it easy to create a watertight seal with standard flashing. Learn more here.