December 2014: From the Editor

Jennifer Morrell

December 2014: From the Editor

December 2014

From the Editor

I’m a Believer

Jennifer Morrell

A few years back, we began hearing talk of masonry wall systems. A system? Many components working together? It was a provocative concept, to be sure. I have walked many trade show floors and viewed many models and demonstrations of masonry wall systems. It seems a viable product that our industry should embrace.

Flash forward to today, when most of the major players are either producing a masonry cavity wall system or partnering with other companies to create a complete offering. And, the idea is going over well with mason contractors.

“I am in favor of a mandatory complete cavity wall system to be implemented by the design population,” says Gary Joyner, president of North Carolina-based Joyner Masonry Works Inc. “In other words, spec it.”

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Joyner says he feels a wall system will be helpful toward long-term moisture management. He also finds it more convenient to have all of the components of the masonry wall offered by one company: “Then, you don’t have to be concerned with compatible materials,” he says.

One such cavity wall system is discussed in “The Building Envelope: Buzzword or Trend?” of this issue. Enjoy the read on what’s becoming an industry standard.

A happy and healthy holiday season to all of your from the Masonry team.

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