BIM: No Longer an Industry Buzz Word

BIM: No Longer an Industry Buzz Word

BIM: No Longer an Industry Buzz Word

Building information modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing the delivery of construction projects – if you’re not utilizing this technology with your projects, you could be falling behind the competition. BIM is helping contractors and their clients move toward a seamless flow of structured, timely, and more accurate data between all project stakeholders.

The United Kingdom is requiring BIM as mandatory for many types of projects by 2016 and similar requirements could be coming to North America soon. Don’t fall behind – many companies across the United States are staffing for BIM specific initiatives and are reaping the benefits of this new type of project delivery.

Want to learn more about BIM? The following whitepapers will help catch you up on this powerful tool for collaborative project delivery:

Project Management and Project Collaboration are NOT the same. Get to know the difference in this informative whitepaper.

Industry expert Gregg Schoppman, principal of FMI Corp., explains the differences between Project Management and Project Collaboration and why it’s so important for contractors to have a solution and strategy for managing both.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the Power of Collaboration – The future is now.
Construction firms in North America and several other countries are moving quickly to understand the power of BIM for unparalleled project collaboration. Viewpoint’s VP of Product Management, Rob Humphreys gives a helpful “101” introduction to BIM technology and shares what the future holds for this exceptional collaboration tool.

Building Information Modeling-The UK is leading the way.
UK industry expert, Paul Wilkinson provides an excellent overview of BIM and its benefits to the construction industry due to unparalleled collaboration and lifecycle management capabilities. Learn how the UK is leading the way and why the US is quickly following. Is your business ready for the next evolution in project collaboration?

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