UniCarriers Americas Dealers Invest in Training

UniCarriers Americas Dealers Invest in Training

UniCarriers Americas Dealers Invest in Training

The University of UniCarriers Americas, launched in January of 2012, is an educational platform that establishes UniCarriers Americas Corp.’s service technicians and salespeople as the most highly skilled and knowledgeable material handling equipment representatives in the industry. UniCarriers Americas was formerly Nissan Forklift.

Sunbelt Industrial Trucks Finds Value in Training

Sunbelt Industrial Trucks, located in Dallas, has the most technicians enrolled in the University of UniCarriers Americas’ College of Technical Services. The 24 technicians from Sunbelt are in various stages of the training program.

“We had 11 technicians reach the Apprentice level in 2012 and by March first, we’ll have five more technicians certified at that level as well,” said George Munford, VP of operations, Sunbelt Industrial Trucks. Sunbelt, which has only been a UniCarriers Americas dealership for one year, immediately started the University of UniCarriers program. “The Nissan Forklift [by UniCarriers] product line was new to us and we knew that we needed to get all of our technicians trained on the models as soon as we could.”

Munford explained that service technicians participate in the training program as part of their career advancement path, completing the three online classes on their own time and at their own pace prior to participating in the class training. Sunbelt employs a corporate trainer, Paul Pack, to complete the in-person training classes on site. The two- to three-day classes are held at Sunbelt every other month. 

“We ended up doubling our expected investment in training for 2012 when we got our staff involved in the university,” Munford says. “I’ve been in the forklift industry at the dealer level for more than 20 years, and the University of Nissan Forklift [now UniCarriers] training program is the most comprehensive training program that I’ve seen.”  

Munford reported that Sunbelt’s service technicians who are involved with the program provide better service for their customers, are more motivated and have excellent attitudes.

“Sunbelt is an employee-owned company, and by participating in this program, the technicians are also investing in themselves,” says Munford. “We’re looking forward to having our new technicians start working toward the Apprentice level as well as having some of our staff reach the Journeymen certification.”

Service Technician Explains Value of Training

Coy Ross, a service technician at Quality Lift Trucks in San Diego, chose to participate in the University of UniCarriers Americas’ College of Technical Service in order to learn more about working on UniCarriers Americas’ electric models. Quality Lift invested in Ross’ training and travel as part of their own dealership growth plans.

“I want to eventually become a dealer trainer, but I always want to be a better tech and the go-to person when someone needs help,” says Ross.

According to Ross, the training he completed through the University of UniCarriers Americas helped him improve his day-to-day work as well as move toward his own goals.

“I’ve been able to reduce the time it takes me to complete a repair because I’m well-trained,” says Ross. “Beyond that, I think that training programs like this one are important to show that the technicians and the dealership are working hard to be the best.”

Ross also believes that pursuing training opportunities shows a commitment to continuous improvement and he looks forward to the program’s growth.

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