Stone Joins Brick and Block at the Board Table

Stone Joins Brick and Block at the Board Table

Stone Joins Brick and Block at the Board Table



The Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute (RMMI) has changed its bylaws to add a new membership category to its organization. Stone Manufacturers have been welcomed into the organization and will have two seats on the board of directors, alongside the brick manufacturers, block manufacturers, masonry contractors and materials suppliers.

This is a significant change to the organization, which has not changed its membership categories since its incorporation in 1986. The two newly created board seats will be divided, with one representing natural stone and the other representing manufactured stone.

“This is a big change for RMMI,” says Board President Jim Serowski, of JVS Masonry. “There was a rift in the masonry industry between the brick and block guys and the stone manufacturers. By bringing everyone together at the board table, we are working to unify the industry.”

While the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute’s mission is to promote masonry wall systems throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, it has traditionally focused on brick and block. The addition of the Stone Manufacturers expands the organization’s efforts to include all types of masonry, as defined by the building codes. The 2009 International Building code defines the two primary types of masonry: Section 2102, paragraph 39, defines masonry as a “combination of building units or materials of clay, shale, concrete, glass, gypsum, stone or other approved units bonded together;” and Section 2102, paragraph 75, defines stone masonry as “masonry composed of field, quarried, or cast stone units bonded by mortar.”

There are currently five stone manufacturer members in RMMI: Environmental Stoneworks, Coronado Stone, Legacy Stone, Telluride Stone and Pine’s Stone Company. Prior to this bylaws change, the stone companies were classified in the Contributing Member category with insurance companies and scaffolding suppliers.

“We welcome this historic opportunity to partner with RMMI and other masonry manufacturers and contractors to move our industry forward together,” says Todd Bonnes, general manager of the Rocky Mountain Region for Environmental Stoneworks.

An election will be held later this month to select the individuals who will represent the Stone Manufacturers on the RMMI Board of Directors.

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