Belgard Permeable Pavers Help Qualify Projects for EPA Grants

Belgard Permeable Pavers Help Qualify Projects for EPA Grants

Belgard Permeable Pavers Help Qualify Projects for EPA Grants



Belgard Hardscapes’ permeable pavers may help qualify projects for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) new Urban Waters Small Grants program.

The Urban Waters Small Grants program will award between $1.8 million and $3.8 million in funding during 2012 for research, studies, training and demonstration projects with the intent to improve water quality and revitalize communities. The deadline for grant applications is Jan. 23.

“This grant offers a tremendous opportunity for those in the building and design community to create sustainable projects, something we strongly value at Belgard,” says Chuck Taylor, commercial and permeable pavers expert for Belgard Hardscapes.

“We are always working to help builders and landscape architects find solutions that incorporate sustainability into their projects, and we’re excited that our permeable pavers qualify for the EPA new Urban Waters Small Grants program,” Taylor says.

The goal of the new EPA grant program is to improve water quality, which also helps support community revitalization and other local priorities such as public health, social and economic opportunities, general livability and environmental justice for residents.

As more land is developed, the natural water filtration provided by the soil is continually being diminished. In turn, storm water runoff – mixed with motor oil, fertilizers, and other contaminants – can pollute lakes, rivers, coastlines, and groundwater. As part of a bio-aquifer storm water system, Belgard environmental permeable pavers can virtually eliminate runoff, potentially removing the need for retention ponds or underground sewer pipes.

Belgard permeable paver benefits:
• Reduces pollution from rainwater runoff
• Reduces runoff from the common rainstorm by as much as 100 percent
• 50 year life-cycle for surface
• Outperforms similar systems in harsh climates or freeze-thaw cycles
• Replaces detention/retention ponds

The deadline for submitting proposals to EPA is Jan. 23, 2012. For more information on the EPA Urban Waters Small Grant, visit


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