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A growing trend in marketing is the increased use of video to generate leads, enhance awareness of your products and position your company as an industry leader. A recent study on b2b marketing trends showed that 73% of b2b marketers planned to use video in their marketing efforts. The challenge to effective video marketing is expanding your market beyond YouTube and your own website.

MASONRY Magazine can help you dramatically increase the impact of your video marketing efforts or help you add video marketing to your marketing programs. MASONRY Magazine will aggressively promote your Video:

  • The Video Channel on the MASONRY Magazine website,
  • Posted to the MASONRY Magazine YouTube Channel,
  • Featured in our monthly MASONRY eNewsletter
  • Promoted through MASONRY eBlasts and Social Media Channels.

MASONRY Magazine also offers special video sponsorships of important industry topics. The sponsorship video will feature an interview with your company expert on the current masonry construction market, industry trends, construction projects and on-site problems and solutions. MASONRY Magazine will handle all production details for you.

For more information on the marketing benefits of MASONRY Video News and to get started, please contact your MASONRY Account Manager today.

Sponsored Topics

Sponsored Topics:
Air Barriers
Fall Protection
Manufactured Stone
Mast Climbers
Moisture Barriers
Natural Stone
More topics available

Many web visitors turn to to research specific industry topics such as Moisture Management, BIM, Fall Protection, etc. Your company could be an exclusive sponsor of these important industry topics.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • Your article or case study on the topic, including photographs and project drawings
  • Links in your article to your webpage or landing page
  • Inclusion of product brochures, case studies or company pdfs for download (limit of 3)
  • Top Banner ad (468 x 60 pixels) on Sponsored Topic page
  • Special promotion on home page, MASONRY eNewsletter and MASONRY eBlasts
  • Monthly lead and activity reports

Masonry Magazine eBlast

MASONRY can deliver your marketing message on an exclusive basis to our opt-in email subscription list through the MASONRY eBlast program. You provide your eBlast copy as a complete HTML file, and we will take care of the rest. MASONRY will blast your message out to our subscribers on a specific date of your choosing. The subscriber response to MASONRY eBlasts has been substantial and offers an almost immediate source of new business lead generation.

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