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Increased productivity for masons is achievable if the tool is right. Following is a sampling of what one manufacturer has to offer today’s masons.

Throughout history, masons have been major contributors to a structure’s architectural appeal. While materials and methods have changed over time, one thing remains unchanged: A skilled mason can greatly enhance the aesthetics of any project. As project deadlines become shorter, it’s important for masons to complete the job on schedule with the same level of craftsmanship. Masons perform a variety of applications involving a number of different tools. Tools that help increase productivity are keys to success in today’s fast-paced construction environment.

“One area that continues to grow in most trades is cordless tools,” says Robert Chetalet, senior project manager for Cordless and Cutting for Hilti. “There are a wide range of cordless tools available to help masons get their jobs done faster, while maintaining the same level of craftsmanship.”

For instance, masonry professionals have really come to rely on the Hilti combo packs of cordless tools. Especially useful are the Hilti SFH 18-A CPC Hammer Drill/Driver and the Hilti TE 4-A18 CPC Cordless Rotary Hammer, which make quick work of applications such as brick ties and ledgers.

“Cordless tools are great for a mason to have in his/her fleet, because not only do they help increase productivity, but also they can help with jobsite safety,” says Chetalet.¬† “With no cords to tangle or trip over, cordless tools are great to take on scaffolding.”

Knowing that sometimes tools get dropped, Hilti cordless tools are constructed for long-lasting performance in demanding work conditions, and the Cordless Power Care (CPC) batteries are just as tough. Professionals know the ultramide glass-fiber reinforced tool and battery housing helps protect against drops, and the battery cells are designed with electronic monitoring that protects against over-heating, overloading and deep discharge. Best of all, Hilti covers its cordless tools, batteries and chargers with Hilti’s Lifetime Service,* a unique service agreement that includes two years of no-cost coverage.

Hilti SFH 18-A CPC Hammer Drill/Driver
Designed for drilling holes in masonry and stone with a variety of bits, the SFH 18-A is a tool built to outperform and outlast under the toughest jobsite conditions. Whether it’s used to screw formwork together, install Kwik-Con 3/16- to 1/4-inch, brick ties or ledgers, this workhorse is the mason’s go-to tool.

Featuring all-metal gearing for smooth transfer of power, the SFH 18-A delivers 25 percent more torque and RPM than many other competitive models. With 750 inch-pounds of torque, 2,140 RPM and three speeds, this tool provides industry-leading performance. Plus, the SFH 18-A CPC delivers up to 55 percent more BPM when hammer drilling in masonry, greatly improving productivity. It’s well-balanced and provides superior comfort to reduce operator fatigue.

Hilti TE 4-A18 CPC Cordless Rotary Hammer
The TE 4-A18 CPC Cordless Rotary Hammer is engineered with a powerful and efficient motor and drills more holes in concrete per charge than any other 18V cordless rotary hammer in its class. Ideal for drilling anchor holes or through holes in masonry with an optimum drilling diameter range of 1/4- to 1/2-inch, this tool is great when installing KB 3s in grouted masonry for ledgers.

It features a keyless “click” chuck for fast and easy drill bit changes, as well as a variable speed trigger for more operator control in all drilling positions. Both the SFH 18-A and TE 4-A18 tools feature the Hilti’s exclusive CPC lithium-ion technology, which protects the battery, switch and motor for increased durability and longer battery life.

DSH 700 Hand Held Gas Saw – 12 and 14 Inch
Designed from the ground, up, to incorporate features and requirements that professionals have asked for, like power for fast cutting speed and easy-to-remember starting procedure with simple controls, the Hilti DSH 700 Hand Held Gas Saw gives operators more productivity with less downtime.

The Hilti DSH 700 performs well in a variety of construction materials, including bricks and blocks. Built with a simple counter-clockwise starting procedure and a primer bulb for fewer pulls, starting this saw is easier than ever. And, it comes standard with a cyclone filtration system (no pre-filter) and simple rope replacement for easy maintenance and maximum durability.

DX 460 Powder-Actuated Tool

The DX 460 Powder-Actuated Tool provides consistent fastening quality in a wide range of applications, including anchoring formwork and fastening brick ties. It features a fully automatic piston return system to provide operators a higher fastening rate without needing to manually cycle the tool.

Even in high production use, the DX 460 is proven under jobsite conditions to have a long life expectancy. With a power regulation feature, a variety of Hilti cartridge levels and a wide range of fasteners, the DX 460 is another tool a mason can find to be helpful every day.

SL Forming Nail
The SL forming nail is an ideal fastener for temporary jobsite applications such as formwork. The clear merits are quick and accurate driving with a DX powder-actuated tool and quick removal of the nail as well as the forming board, so it can be used again immediately. Drilling, setting an anchor, and then removing it can be eliminated by using a powder-actuated tool.

Generation after generation, masons have worked to bring architectural appeal to structures all over the world. While no tool or fastener can do the work alone, it is good to know there are time-saving tools designed to help today’s masonry professionals get the job done faster and safer.

*Some limitations apply.

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