Side Story: Product Watch – Quik-Brik With V-Technology


April 2008


Oldcastle Architectural Inc.'s Quik-Brik with V-TechnologyOldcastle Architectural Inc.’s Quik-Brik with V-Technology is a single-wythe structural concrete masonry unit designed to control water leakage and help prevent mold growth.

The V-Technology design includes sloped web surfaces that safely direct crack-induced or wind-driven rain to the unit’s center, keeping interior walls dry while assisting in mold prevention. Its crisp edges allow masons to tool and compact the joint for a tight seal, while an water repellent admixture reduces absorption, permeability and wicking.

Oldcastle Architectural Inc.'s Quik-Brik with V-TechnologyQuik-Brik with V-Technology offers a fast, one-step installation, nationwide color consistency and variety, conformance to national building code requirements, fire resistance, and energy efficiency with insulation and grouting options.



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