Side Story: Planning scaffolding layout on paper


June 2008

Adjustable Scaffolding

Shreveport, La.-based Non-Stop Scaffolding Inc. is taking an innovative approach to setting up scaffolding. The company has scaffolding layout templates, drawn at a 1/8-inch to one-foot scale, that masonry contractors can print out and place on a project drawing to see exactly how many pieces of scaffolding will be needed and where they’ll be placed.

“This is a huge time saver,” says Justin Breithaupt Jr., Non-Stop VP and co-owner. “This ensures you have everything you need.”

He points out that it’s much easier to move scaffolding on paper to find out exactly where it’s needed than to physically move it on the jobsite, because it’s in the wrong spot. Contractors can send in their plans, and the Non-Stop staff will tell them what’s needed and where.

“We teach them how to lay it out on paper, so they don’t spend two hours setting it up wrong,” Breithaupt says. “You can cut labor by 20 percent when you make sure it’s done right the first time.”

— Brett Martin



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