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People with an interest in masonry often need help understanding new technologies, old traditions and why the architect even drew such a thing. The MasonCam and a new video series can bring muchneeded clarity to these situations.

People with an interest in masonry often need help understanding new technologies, old traditions and why the architect even drew such a thing. The MasonCam and a new video series can bring muchneeded clarity to these situations.

All information shared is only as good as the person communicating the concern. For example, when I am explaining a masonry situation that requires some assistance from a more experienced co-worker, I need to be on my game. I have access to a variety of expertise at my fingertips – people who could jump in a truck and come to a jobsite without adding expense to my job. That is what we all need: someone there who can help.

Mortar Net USA Ltd. has this service ready and waiting for you. The company can take a look at your jobsite condition and offer the suggestions sometimes needed to keep things moving. It’s a standard service offered all of our customers, thanks to Mortar Net’s MasonCam, a video camera that is sent to the customer, free of charge.

The customer can film the actual condition of a specific jobsite concern, which then can be shared with one of the technical support team members. The video can be shared immediately through a GoToMeeting video conference, YouTube, DropBox and other video transfer sites available. This is highly valuable, since the customer has an experienced masonry advisor reviewing the jobsite condition, first hand, offering free advice in the time it takes to download a video. Masonry customers with personal video recording devices can send video directly from their cameras to the Mortar Net office for review, using any of the video transfer services that are available, as well.

Technical Video Series for all to view
New to the industry is the complete video series being produced by Mortar Net USA, describing many of the techniques, procedures and products used in special moisture management applications found on jobsites today. The series, filmed at the Mortar Net studio, focuses on actual jobsite conditions encountered daily. Based on the technical department’s most frequent requests from their customer base, the videos have been developed to help educate and instruct by using time-proven techniques that typically are passed down from one’s mentor.

Written and based on hundreds of jobsite visits during which North America’s masons and project managers have discussed jobsite conditions, the videos are designed to solve specialty issues using universal techniques. Though products are referenced, the basis of the videos is the education and techniques that are shared. Compatibility of products, along with the dos and don’ts of mixing materials, are broken down into simple talk.

The video series focuses on actual jobsite conditions encountered daily.

Available soon on YouTube and Mortar Net’s website (, the videos are viewed free of charge, and can allow architects, engineers and contractors access to specialty information 24/7, since sometimes answers cannot wait until Monday morning.

The video series focuses on actual jobsite conditions encountered daily.Topics found on the videos include Flashing Details at Inside and Outside Cavity Wall Corners; Flashing Penetrations; Lintel Installations; Arch Flashing; Step Down Flashings at 8 Inches and 16 Inches; Inside and Outside Radius Wall Flashing Installations; Air Barrier Installations; Sealant Compatibility; Differences in Flashing Membranes; Single Wythe Concrete Masonry Units Through-Wall Flashings; Engineering Take-Off Service; Mortar Net Challenge; and even an Out-Take Reel that has some funny camera shots showing real-life goofs that would make any installer laugh. Mortar Net also will create a specialty video offering solutions to your specific questions.

As technology expands our trade with digital time clocks, automated estimating and accounting services, smartphones, and digital video cameras, Mortar Net shows a commitment to the industry and new technologies by providing the customer with correct answers to his masonry-related questions.

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