Featured Product: Two Core Drill Models PDF Print

Improved operator comfort and safe handling for higher performance are the key improvements to Atlas’ new core drill models, LCD 500 and LCD 1500.

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Featured Product: Transformable Four-passenger WUV PDF Print

Kubota has added a transformable, four-passenger model to its four-wheel-drive utility vehicle lineup with the RTV1140CPX.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 April 2009 00:36
Featured Product: Hydraulic Versacutter PDF Print

Jet Edge Inc. has introduced the Hydraulic Versacutter portable waterjet cutting and beveling system.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 April 2009 00:40
Featured Product: PR 26 Rotating Laser PDF Print

Hilti’s PR 26 Rotating Laser greatly improves visibility in indoor applications, compared to standard red lasers.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 April 2009 00:44
Featured Product: Rugged, Wearable Computer PDF Print

Glacier Computer’s Ridgeline W200 wearable computer is made of a reinforced magnesium alloy that maximizes strength and minimizes overall weight.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 April 2009 00:56
Featured Product: Jaxline Tool Series PDF Print

newsDesigned for all masonry professionals, the Jaxline series of tools simplifies angle alignments, block alignments and corner alignments.

Last Updated on Friday, 01 May 2009 03:48
Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tire PDF Print

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tire

The new Wrangler DuraTrac is ideal for work applications, from construction and farming to landscaping and mining, but also delivers the performance pickup truck owners are looking for when they are off the job, and hitting the trails for recreational activities, like camping, fishing, and hunting.

The Wrangler DuraTrac features TractiveGroove Technology to help get the job done. Offering enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction via the self-cleaning shoulder blocks, the Wrangler DuraTrac is a hardworking tire for drivers who don't know the meaning of the word quit.  Highly angled center tread blocks help provide enhanced traction and lateral stability while reducing road noise.  The Wrangler DuraTrac is also pinned for #16 metal studs for enhanced traction in winter driving conditions. 


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Chicago Pneumatic Red Hawk PDF Print

Chicago Pneumatic introduces its new gas powered breaker, the Red Hawk. This is a tough and easy to handle tool that doesn´t depend on an external power source with hoses or cables attached.
It is an ideal tool for quick jobs and easy portability, such as use in breaking concrete, cutting asphalt, tamping and compacting soil, driving posts, fences, rods or spikes, in soil sampling and in driving profiles and tubes. Transportation to and from a worksite is a piece of cake in a van or the back of a car. 

The vibration level is unmatched in this tool class: 2,4 m/s2 is by far the lowest level on  the market. Thanks to new vibration-dampening handles, a slim body design and a low service weight of 50 pounds (22.5 kg), Red Hawk is a tool that offers maximum ergonomic protection and easy handling for the operator.

An easy engine start, due to efficient choke control and carburettor, rounds off a state of the art product that completes the Chicago Pneumatic handheld product range.

Since 1901, Chicago Pneumatic has been well-known for its pneumatic tools. In 2008 a wide range of Chicago Pneumatic handheld hydraulic tools has been added and the new gas powered Red Hawk breaker is now rounding off the handheld range.


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New Holland Zero-Turn-Radius Mowers PDF Print

New Holland has introduced a new series of zero-turn-radius mowers to its commercial mower line. The new G5000 Series commercial zero-turn-radius mowers have a number of industry-leading features that provide smooth, fast mowing.

The mower deck is mounted to the front axle, rather than the frame, allowing the deck to float over changes in ground contour for a clean cut without scalping. With a pivoting front axle that allows 5.5 inches of travel on each side, the G5000 Series provides a smooth cut on uneven terrain.

A massive 149-square-inch discharge opening more than doubles the industry standard to allow grass clippings to spread evenly in an eight-foot pattern without bunching or clumping. Each blade overlaps 1½ inches to prevent streaking. The deep-tunnel deck design eliminates deck packing and directs clippings away from the cutting edge enabling a high volume of clippings to be discharged. This design allows for an excellent cut even in tall grass.

G5000 mowers are built for durability with a high-strength channel frame and seven-gauge mower deck. Powered by efficient Kawasaki air-cooled gas engines, the G5030 is a 27 hp model with a 54-inch or 60-inch mower deck. The G5035 is a 31 hp model with a 66-inch mower deck. Both have twin six-gallon fuel tanks for all- day mowing.

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Makita Table Saw PDF Print

Makita U.S.A., Inc., manufacturer of high quality industrial
power tools and accessories, is proud to announce the release of its new 10” Contractor Table
Saw, model 2705.  The new table saw is also available with a portable table saw stand (model
The new saw combines a range of convenience and ease-of-use features with large capacity
and 15 AMP power.  The power, performance and ease-of-use features of the new
2705/2705X1 make it a true best-in-class table saw for a range of professional applications.  
“The new tool-less blade guard system is easy to adjust and remove,” said Joe Soto, product
manager – pneumatics and residential construction.  “But in addition to the convenient features,
the 2705 combines accuracy and a large cutting capacity with plenty of power to rip 4x material
in a single pass.  This versatile table saw is ideal for use at the jobsite or in the shop.”

New Guard System
The 2705/2705X1 features a new tool-less modular blade guard system with adjustable dual
side guards to allow for ease of measurement from the blade to the rip fence for cutting setups. 
The two on-board independent stowable anti-kickback pawls and riving knife/spreader allows for
through cuts.  In addition, the riving knife/spreader adjusts to three different positions for
through, non-through and dado cuts – and it adjusts without removing the throat plate. 
The precision machined table top remains flat and true for accurate cuts, right out of the box. 
The right extension table allows for greater cutting capacity with the capability to rip 4”x8” sheets
of plywood.   Precision adjustment features include a 3/8” x 3/4” T-slot miter gauge with grooves
that securely support cutting material for wide crosscutting jobs.  The rip fence slides effortlessly
across the flat table top for more precise adjustments.   
15 AMP Power with Large Cutting Capacity
The 2705/2705X1 also offers plenty of power and a large cutting capacity.  The 15 AMP motor
delivers 4,800 RPM and has an electric brake for maximum productivity.  The large cutting
capacity (3-5/8” at 90° and 1-1/2” at 45°) can rip 4x material in one pass, and can use up to a
13/16” dado blade. 
Convenience features include a large on and off switch, and easy to read scale for fast
adjustments.  The saw has complete storage capacity to hold most commonly used accessories
including saw blade, power supply cord, miter gauge, rip fence, push stick, wrench, safety guard
and dado blade. 
The 2705/2705X1 is engineered for remodelers, furniture makers, finish carpenters, cabinet
installers, decking and flooring contractors, and general contractors seeking a best-in-class 10”
table saw for the jobsite or on the benchtop. 

For more information, please call 800/4-MAKITA (800/462-5482) or visit
the website at

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Bobcat E80 Excavator PDF Print

Bobcat Company introduces the E80 excavator, a machine with a completely new design that sets a high standard by increasing service intervals, operator comfort and durability. Everything about the E80 excavator has been created to keep operators working longer, including the elimination of daily service points; a spacious cab and a top-of-the-line seat to keep operators working comfortably; and polymer shims to decrease wear on the lateral pins.

Longer service intervals
Daily greasing of the bushings at the boom, arm and bucket pivot is a thing of the past with the E80 excavator. Normally, this process takes up to 30 minutes of an operator’s time each day. Now, the operator will be able to spend that time working because the E80 has increased the service interval of greasing the bushings to 250 hours.

Operator comfort
The E80 revolutionizes operator comfort by offering a spacious cab with an operator seat that adjusts six ways and a heating and air conditioning system that has true automotive-style controls. These features have been designed to keep operators who spend many hours in their machines comfortable and productive.

The top-of-the-line seat allows the operator to create an individually designed ergonomic work environment. The operator can adjust the seat in six ways:
•    The angle of the bottom of the seat.
•    The bottom of the seat may be moved forward or reverse.
•    The lumbar support on the backrest.
•    The bottom and backrest of the seat may be moved forward or reverse as one.
•    The armrests and joysticks may be moved forward or reverse, independent of the seat.
•    The seat bottom, seat backrest, armrests and joysticks may be moved forward or reverse as one group.

With these adjustments, operators of any size can adjust the seat to their personal preference in the placement of the armrests, joysticks and seat bottom and back. These adjustments also let the operator move the seat to an area where the operator can best control the foot pedals and see the work area.

The high-capacity climate-control system has true automotive-style controls and vents in front of and to the rear of the operator, placing the air movement exactly where needed. This system has five modes of air placement: to the operator’s upper body from the front and rear, to the upper body from the front only, to the feet and upper body from the front, to the feet from the front, and to the feet and the upper body from the front and the rear.

A fixed instrument panel on the right side of the cab is a central, easy-to-read display for all of the information the operator needs on machine performance.

Attachment readiness and pin durability
Each E80 is delivered clamp ready for operators who want to quickly and easily add and use a clamp.

In addition to clamps, Bobcat provides a number of attachments available for use on the E80. The optional pin coupler system allows the operator to quickly change between attachments. Bobcat also provides a platform for attachments previously used on the 442, allowing owners who have a 442 to use the attachments they already own on the E80.

Polymer shims are used in lateral joints to create tightness and prevent slop in attachments, such as buckets. Slop is created by wear on the pins, and the polymer shims used in the joints decrease pin wear and increase tightness in the attachment workgroup.

Fuel use
The E80 has a 54.2-horsepower Tier-compliant engine. While this engine provides substantial power to complete work, it doesn’t mean contractors will waste a lot of extra fuel. The engine control system also has an auto-idle feature, reducing fuel consumption when the excavator is not working. Engine rpm is controlled electronically so that the operator uses only as much engine power necessary for the application. The quiet operation of the engine is also a benefit, as many cities and work areas are becoming more sensitive to construction noise.

Additional features
With minimal tail swing, the E80 can work in compact work environments and next to buildings or other obstructions. The E80 features the Bobcat in-track swing frame. The swing frame for the boom stays within the width of the tracks, also making it easier for the E80 to work in constricted job conditions.

The E80 has a dig depth of 15 feet 6 inches and an operating weight of 18,880 pounds with rubber tracks. The auxiliary hydraulic system has a rated capacity of 31.7 gallons per minute.

For the name of the nearest Bobcat dealer, visit For more information, visit

QuickLook: Bobcat E80 excavator

•        Greasing of boom, arm and bucket pivot increased to 250 hours.
•    Spacious cab with operator seat that adjusts multiple ways to provide ergonomic comfort suited to the individual.
•    High-capacity heat and air conditioning system with five automotive-style operation modes.
•    Quickly change attachments through pin coupler system.
•    Polymer shims in lateral joints prevent pin wear and create tighter attachment workgroup.
•    Auto idle and electronic engine rpm control help use fuel efficiently.
•    In-track boom swing allows the operator to work in constricted conditions with confidence.
•    E80 has a dig depth of 15 feet 6 inches and an operating weight of 18,880 pounds with rubber tracks.

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JLG Launches Two Compact Telehandlers PDF Print
JLG Launches Two New Compact Telehandlers

McConnellsburg, Pa., April 2, 2009 – JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company [NYSE: OSK], announced today that it has expanded its offering of compact telehandler with two new models. The JLG® 619A and 723A will be sold for use in landscaping, construction and agricultural applications.  The 619A provides nearly 6,000 lb. of capacity at the maximum reach height of 19 ft., while the 723A allows nearly 7,000 lb. at a height of 23 ft.  Both models are equipped with all-wheel-steer.

“The compact dimensions of these machines provide the maneuverability necessary for loading or unloading mulch, transporting hay bales or moving pallets on a crowded jobsite,” said Brian Boeckman, JLG Product Parent for Telehandlers. “Equipment operators in these applications will enjoy a spacious cab with a comfortable suspension seat and tilt steering, designed to optimize comfort and visibility.”

In addition to the compact size and premium cab, these models include a single joystick control design tha
t combines smoother and more precise control with the speed operators need for peak performance when picking or placing loads. The controls feature a standard lift/loader mode feature that allows the operator to switch the primary function of the “X-axis” from controlling the telescopic function of the boom to controlling the tilt or dump function of the attachment. This feature combined with a variety of available attachments and the ability to utilize skid steer attachments, further increases the versatility of these models.

These models will complement the existing G5-18A creating a JLG branded line-up of three compact telehandlers and eleven construction models. With the launch of these models, JLG will discontinue the G5-19A and G6-23A.

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