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Bluebeam Software’s PDF Revu 9 allows construction professionals to create, share and edit project information, electronically, in PDF. Features include 3D PDF viewing, allowing for a more detailed view of vital project elements. Bluebeam’s engineers created 3D navigation that can be manipulated intuitively. Users can spin, rotate and zoom project views to achieve the desired vantage point and to focus on specific areas.

Revu 9’s VisualSearch function can capture and search for any symbol in a PDF, providing dynamic usage beyond a text-only search. Users can apply markups and hyperlinks to websites and specification sheets to all search results, making referencing important project data quick and easy. An enhancement to the takeoff tool, area cutouts, allows users to account for room obstructions in area measurements and create more accurate estimates.

The tracking of design issues and questions is imperative in construction. Revu’s integrated Markups list enables uses to set custom statuses to any markup on a PDF, and automatically update the markup’s color or associated text, depending on the selected state. It’s the easiest way to quickly identify whether a particular issue has been approved or rejected, or is still pending resolution. Finally, Revu 9 allows users to save their work back to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for significant text edits.

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